Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad

Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad

Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad - Online Training

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Trainer Name Mr. Kalyan (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience 10+ Years
Course Duration 3 Months
Timings Monday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date 30th September 2023; 09:00 AM
Training Modes Classroom [HYDERABAD] / Offline
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Azure Data Factory Course Curriculum

Course Topics

  •  What is Data?
    How many types of databases (OLTP&OLAP)
    Types Cloud Vendors
    What is on-premises and what is cloud
    Differences between on-premises and cloud
    what is Cloud computing?
    what are services offering Microsoft Azure
    Advantages of cloud computing
    Types of cloud deployments
    Types of Cloud Services
    Microsoft Azure vs. AWS
    How to Create Azure Account
  • Azure Architecture & Services
    How to Create Resources and Resource Groups in Microsoft Azure
    How to create VirtualMachine
    How to create SQL in virtual machines

 Containers/Blob Storages

 Blob Storage vs Data Lake
 What is Data Lake
 Date Lake Gen1 Vs Gen2
 How to store Data into data lake
 How to Query data from data lake to SQL Server.
 Introduction to Azure Data Lake U-SQL Batch Job
 Data Lake Analytics
 How to Schedule Data Lake Analytics Jobs using Data Factory
 Azure Blob to Data Lake Gen 2 using Data Factory
 What is HD-insigh

 Azure SQL
 Dedicated SQL Pool Formerly known as DW
 SQL Managed Instances
 Azure Synapse Warehouse
Security in Storage Account
 Access keys
 Connection strings
ADF Course Curriculum
 Share Access Signatures (SAS Tokens)
 Service Principal Identity Mechanism(Tenant ID,Client ID,Secret Key)

 Compare SQL Database vs Azure Data Warehouse
 How to Create Azure Data Warehouse
 How to cross query data in Data Warehouse
 Poly base using Azure Data warehouse
 How to Query Azure SQL Data Warehouse from On-premises SSMS and Cloud
 How to Load Data to Azure Data Warehouse using data Factory from Azure SQL
 How to Load Data from on premises to Cloud SQL DW using data factory

 What is AzureData Factory vs SSIS
 What is Linked Services
 What is Data Sets
 What is Pipelines
 Parameters vs Variables
 Copy Data
 Monitoring pipelines using different approaches
 Different kinds of integration runtimes
 How to create pipelines from template
 How to do Transformations using Data Flows
 How to configure different Integration Runtimes
 Azure Integration runtime
 Auto resolve Integration runtime
 Azure self Hosted Integration Runtime
 SSIS Integration runtime.
 Triggering the Pipelines by using 3 types of Triggers.
Move & transform
 Copy Data
General activities
 Web Activity
 Execute Pipeline
 Execute SSIS Package
 Get Metadata
 Stored procedure
 Set Variable
Iteration & Conditionals
 For Each
 If Condition
 Derived Column
 Alter Row
 Conditional Split
What are ARM Templates using for Deployment
How to Deploy Data Factory Pipelines DEV, Test, Prod environment
Version Control and Code Repository in Azure Devops
Debugging and Monitoring Pipelines
Error handling and Logging error records
Lift and Shift SSIS packages in to Azure Data Factory

 What is Logic Apps
 How to Create Workflow using Logic Apps in Azure.
 How to Send Mail using Logic app in Azure Data Factory
 What is REST APIS and how to transfer the data from JSON format
into Azure SQL Tables.
Azure Event Hub’s:
 How to create Event hubs and using streaming Analytics how to get the streaming data
and send it to Blob storages By Using Logic Apps.

 What is Databricks
 How to Create Data Bricks Free Account
 What is Workspace in Data Bricks
 Different Kind of Clusters in Data Bricks
 Basics of Spark.
 What is Note Books
 How to Mount Data take to data bricks using Scala
 Reading data From Blob storage and Writing into Azure sqL
 Reading data From Data Lake storage and Writing into Azure SQL
 using spark sql
 Explore, Analyze, Clean, Transform and Load Data in Data bricks using SqL
 Python vs scata vs SQL
 Configure data bricks
 schedule and Run Notebooks in Azure Data Factory with the realtime notebook

 Access Keys
 Shared Access Signature
 Azure Active Directory
 How to register App in Azure Active Directory
 Role Based Access Control
Azure Key Vaults

1) Configuring the folder structures
2) Creating Repos
3) Creating Releases
4) Creating Release pipelines
5) Deployments from one environment to another environment.

1) Will cover end to end flow of a project
2) How will get the requirements
3) What kind of requirements will get?
4) Documentation
5) End to end implementation
6) Unit test cases preparation
7) DMR and FS Documents
8) Will Conduct Mockup Interviews

 what is power BI
 How to create Reports in Power BI desktop Using Azure Data sources
 Publish Reports into power BI cloud

Azure Data Factory

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad covers a wide range of topics, ensuring participants gain a solid understanding of the key concepts and tools within Azure Data Factory.

Hands-On Experience

The training program emphasizes practical learning, providing participants with hands-on experience in working with Azure Data Factory. This approach helps bridge the gap between theory and real-world application

Customized Learning Paths

Practical, hands-on training sessions with real-world projects and industry-relevant assignments to reinforce theoretical knowledge and enhance practical skills.

Real-world Use Cases

Lamp Institute incorporates real-world use cases into the training modules, enabling participants to understand how Azure Data Factory is applied in practical scenarios. This approach enhances the applicability of the skills learned.

Interactive Learning Environment

The training sessions are interactive, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Participants have the opportunity to engage with instructors and peers, promoting a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Industry-Relevant Projects

Lamp Institute includes industry-relevant projects as part of the training program. This allows participants to apply their knowledge in simulated real-world projects, preparing them for challenges they may encounter in their professional roles.

Flexible Schedule Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of participants, Lamp Institute offers flexible scheduling options for Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad. This accommodates working professionals and individuals with varying time constraints.

Post-training Support

Lamp Institute is committed to supporting participants even after the training is completed. This may include access to resources, forums, or additional guidance to ensure continued success and skill development in the realm of Azure Data Factory.

Career Guidance

Lamp Institute goes beyond technical training by offering career guidance sessions. This includes resume building, interview preparation, and insights into the current job market, helping participants enhance their employability.

What is Azure Data Factory ?

Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based data integration service by Microsoft that helps organizations collect, transform, and move data from various sources to destinations

It enables the creation of data-driven workflows, known as pipelines, to orchestrate and automate diverse data processes.

It enables the creation of data-driven workflows, known as pipelines, to orchestrate and automate diverse data processes.

The service provides a visual interface for designing, monitoring, and managing data pipelines, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

With Azure Data Factory, users can easily schedule and trigger data workflows, ensuring timely and efficient data processing.

The platform supports data transformation activities, allowing users to clean, reshape, and enrich data as it moves through the pipeline.


The learning objectives of the Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad offered by Lamp Institute are designed to equip participants with a comprehensive skill set in the realm of data engineering. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of Azure Data Factory, including data integration, data transformation, and orchestrating complex workflows.  

The training aims to provide hands-on experience, enabling participants to proficiently navigate the Azure Data Factory environment, design effective data pipelines, and troubleshoot common challenges. Additionally, the training emphasizes practical application through industry-relevant projects, ensuring that participants can seamlessly apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

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Prerequisites of Azure data factory

Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad
Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad

Who should learn the course?

Azure Data Factory Course Outline

Lamp Institute's Azure Data Factory training begins with an introduction to data integration concepts and the fundamentals of Azure Data Factory.

Participants progress to hands-on exercises, learning to design and deploy data pipelines using the intuitive Azure Data Factory interface.

The course covers essential data transformation techniques, equipping students with the skills to manipulate and process data effectively.

Students explore best practices for data movement, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in data integration workflows.

The training includes comprehensive guidance on data orchestration, teaching participants to manage complex workflows efficiently.

Participants gain proficiency in monitoring and managing Azure Data Factory pipelines to maintain data integrity.

The curriculum delves into data integration patterns, providing insights into various scenarios for seamless integration.

Lamp Institute's expert instructors guide participants in applying Azure Data Factory to real-world challenges, preparing them for practical implementation in data integration projects.

Course Overview

Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Factory course provides a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s cloud-based data integration service, equipping participants with the skills necessary to harness the power of Azure Data Factory effectively. 

The course begins with a solid foundation in data integration concepts, guiding participants through the intricacies of designing and deploying data pipelines using the intuitive visual interface of Azure Data Factory.

Participants delve into industry best practices for data movement, mastering the art of optimizing performance and reliability in data integration workflows. 

By the end of the program, participants emerge well-prepared to tackle diverse data integration challenges and contribute effectively to real-world projects, making Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Factory course a valuable asset for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic field of cloud-based data solutions.

Azure Data Factory Training In Hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute provides a comprehensive Placement Program for Azure Data Factory to equip students with the necessary skills and resources for successful career placement. The program is designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for the competitive job market in the field of embedded systems.

Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Data Engineer

Designs and manages data processing systems using Azure Data Factory.


ETL Developer

Creates processes to Extract, Transform, and Load data using Azure Data Factory.


Data Architect

Designs the overall structure and flow of data within an organization using Azure Data Factory.


BI Developer

Uses Azure Data Factory to extract and transform data for Business Intelligence and reporting.


Cloud Data Engineer

Builds scalable and flexible data solutions in the Azure cloud using Azure Data Factory.


Data Integration Specialist

Focuses on integrating data from various sources using Azure Data Factory


Big Data Engineer

Manages and orchestrates complex data workflows for large-scale data processing using Azure Data Factory.


Data Warehouse Developer

Streamlines the loading and transformation of data into data warehouses using Azure Data Factory.


Data Analyst

Utilizes Azure Data Factory to access, transform, and analyze data for insights.


Machine Learning Engineer

Prepares data for machine learning models using Azure Data Factory, facilitating the development and deployment of predictive models.

Skills developed post


Proficiency in designing and deploying data pipelines using Azure Data Factory’s visual interface.


Proficiency in data orchestration, enabling the efficient management of complex data workflows.


Understanding of essential data transformation techniques for effective manipulation and processing of data.


Knowledge of industry best practices for data movement, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Ability to monitor and manage Azure Data Factory pipelines to maintain data integrity.


Knowledge of practical implementation, allowing participants to apply Azure Data Factory skills to real-world challenges.


Understanding of diverse data integration patterns for seamless integration in various scenarios.


Ability to leverage Azure Data Factory tools for integration with different data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Azure Data Factory Certifications

Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Certifications hold significant importance for professionals working with Azure Data Factory as they validate and showcase a person’s expertise in using this powerful data integration tool. Microsoft offers certifications like the “Azure Data Engineer Associate,” which specifically focuses on skills related to Azure Data Factory. 

Achieving these certifications not only demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of Azure Data Factory but also provides a recognized credential that can enhance career opportunities.

Lamp Institute stands out by offering participants an industry-recognized certification upon completing their courses. This certification not only signifies the successful acquisition of skills but also serves as a valuable credential, bolstering the professional profiles of individuals in the job market.


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I had a wonderful experience with the Azure Data Factory training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad. The instructor's knowledge and expertise were impressive, and the hands-on labs helped solidify my understanding of the concepts. Highly recommend it!
Jyothi verma
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The Azure Data Factory training at Lamp Institute exceeded my expectations. The course material was well-structured, the trainers were highly knowledgeable and supportive, and the practical sessions were invaluable in gaining hands-on experience. Definitely worth it!
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I attended the Azure Data Factory training at Lamp Institute, and it was a game-changer for my career. The training covered all the essential aspects, and the trainers provided real-world examples and use cases that were highly relevant. I highly recommend Lamp Institute for Azure Data Factory training.
Mani Kumar
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Lamp Institute's Azure Data Factory training was top-notch. The instructors were patient and explained complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner. The training helped me gain the skills I needed to excel in my job as a data engineer. Thank you, Lamp Institute!
Tanu Thakur
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I had an amazing learning journey with Lamp Institute. The trainers had a deep understanding of Azure Data Factory Course and they explained concepts using practical examples. The institute also provided placement assistance, and I am happy to say that I secured a job in a reputed company soon after completing the training. Thanks, Lamp Institute!
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I can confidently say that Lamp Institute's Azure Data Factory training in Hyderabad is among the best. The trainers were knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to help. The training not only helped me understand Azure Data Factory but also provided practical insights for implementing data integration solutions efficiently. Highly recommended!


High Demand in the Industry

Azure Data Factory skills are in high demand across industries, with organizations increasingly relying on data-driven decision-making. Completing the course enhances your employability and opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities.

Competitive Salaries

Professionals with expertise in Azure Data Factory often command competitive salaries due to the specialized nature of their skills. The course equips you with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to negotiate competitive compensation packages in the job market.

Career Growth Opportunities

Acquiring Azure Data Factory skills positions you for career growth within the rapidly evolving field of data engineering. The course covers essential concepts and hands-on practices, ensuring you are well-prepared to take on more challenging roles and responsibilities.

Industry Recognition

Completing the Azure Data Factory course from a reputable institution, such as Lamp Institute, provides industry-recognized certification. This certification adds credibility to your skill set, making you stand out to employers during job searches.

Versatility in Data Management:

Azure Data Factory is a versatile tool that allows you to manage and transform data across various sources and formats. The course enables you to develop proficiency in designing and implementing data pipelines, making you a valuable asset for organizations dealing with diverse data sets.

Innovation and Efficiency

Learning Azure Data Factory equips you with the knowledge to create innovative and efficient data workflows. This skill is crucial for organizations seeking to optimize their data processing and analytics capabilities.

Market Trend


Azure Data Factory is witnessing a growing market trend as organizations increasingly embrace cloud-based solutions for their data integration needs.


The demand for Azure Data Factory skills is on the rise, reflecting the industry's shift toward scalable and flexible cloud-based data solutions.


Companies are leveraging Azure Data Factory to streamline data workflows, leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational complexities.


The market trend indicates a preference for professionals with expertise in Azure Data Factory as organizations prioritize data-driven decision-making.


Azure Data Factory's ability to seamlessly integrate with other Azure services contributes to its popularity in the evolving landscape of cloud-based data solutions.


Azure Data Factory's versatility in managing both on-premises and cloud-based data sources aligns with the current trend of hybrid data environments.


The increasing adoption of Azure Data Factory signifies a recognition among businesses of the platform's role in achieving a unified and efficient approach to data integration and analytics.


Job opportunities for professionals skilled in Azure Data Factory are abundant, with a growing number of organizations actively seeking individuals who can harness the platform's capabilities for effective data integration, resulting in a favorable employment landscape for qualified candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, Lamp Institute provides both classroom-based and online training options to cater to different preferences.

A. The duration of the Azure Data Factory training at Lamp Institute depends on what package and course you choose. However, it is typically around 3 months for most programs.

A. While prior knowledge in data integration is helpful, it is not mandatory. Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Factory training caters to beginners as well as experienced professionals.

A. You need to have a basic understanding of essential data concepts such as databases, data warehouses, and data formats to get the most out of the training

A. The Azure Data Factory training covers topics such as data storage, data movement, data transformation, and orchestration of Data Factory pipelines.

A. Lamp Institute offers a course completion certificate after the completion of the Azure Data Factory training In Hyderabad.

A. Yes, the trainers at Lamp Institute are experienced professionals who are certified in Azure Data Factory.

A. Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Factory training is designed to provide practical, hands-on experience, enabling learners to gain proficiency in data integration on Azure.

A. Yes, Lamp Institute provides post-training support to help learners apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations.

A. The cost of Azure Data Factory training at Lamp Institute depends on the course and package you choose. You can contact their support team for more information on pricing and packages.

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