Java Coaching in Hyderabad

Java Coaching in Hyderabad

Java Coaching in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Raju
Trainer Experience10 Years
Course Duration6 Months
Timings9 AM IST
Next Batch Date1st July 2024
Training ModesClassroom / Online
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Java Course Curriculum

  • Features of Java 
  • Java language and Technologies
  • Java Platforms
  • New Features of Java 8
  • Installing Java
  • Java’s Reserve Words
  • Starting a Java program
  • Compiling Code 15
  • Compiling Code: Using Command-Line Options
  • Cross-Compilation Options
  • Running Code
  • Running Code: Using Command-Line Options
  • Commenting Code
  • Variables
  • Data Typing
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Conversion between Data Types
  • Automatic Conversions
  • Casting to New Data Types
  • Autoboxing and Unboxing of Primitive Types
  • Learning the Fundamentals of Varargs Methods
  • Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters
  • Operator Precedence
  • Incrementing and Decrementing (++ and –)
  • Unary NOT (~ And !)
  • The switch Statement
  • Types of Loops – while Loop, do-while Loop, for Loop, for-each Loop
  • Using the Break Statement, Continue Statement and the Return Statement
  • int
  • float
  • char
  • double
  • boolean
  • short
  • long
  • byte
  • Encapsulation
  • Class
  • Implementing Inheritance in Java
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Super class
  • Sub class
  • Constructors in Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • abstract classes
  • abstract methods
  • Static polymorphism
  • Dynamic polymorphism
  • Static binding Vs Dynamic Binding
  • Byte Oriented Streams
  • Character Oriented Streams
  • class
  • Object Serialization
  • Overview of Exceptions
  • Exception Handling Techniques
  • Rethrowing Catched Exception with Improved Type Checking
  • Built-in Exceptions
  • User-Defined Exceptions
  • List based collection interfaces and classes
  • Set based collection interfaces and classes
  • Map based Interfaces and classes
  • Cursors in collections
  • Generics in Collections
  • Collection Vs Collections
  • Java.util.Comparator Vs
  • Java.lang.Comparable
  • Basics of Networking
  • Sockets in Java
  • Client-Server Networking
  • Proxy Servers
  • Internet Addressing
  • Understanding the InetAddresses
  • URI Syntax and Components
  • TCP/IP and Datagram
  • Handling URL
  • Working with Datagrams
  • Working with BART
  • Exploring the Need of Filters
  • Exploring the Working of Filters
  • Exploring Filter API
  • Configuring a Filter
  • Creating a Web Application Using Filters
  • Using Initializing Parameter in Filters
  • Manipulating Responses
  • Discussing Issues in Using Threads with Filters
  • Describing the Java EE Application Architecture
  • Introducing a Design Pattern
  • Discussing the Role of Design Patterns
  • Exploring Types of Patterns
  • Overview of SOA
  • Describing the SOA Environment
  • Overview of JWS
  • Role of WSDL, SOAP and Java/XML Mapping in SOA
  • Introduction to Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate queries and relationships
  • Maping relationship with Hibernate
  • Introduction to Spring Architecture
  • Installation of Spring
  • Dependency injection, SpringBean lifecycle, Wiring and scope

Java Coaching in Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Java Training program offered at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad encompasses a through curriculum comprising fundamental Java principles, advanced Java programming techniques, and hands-on practical application development.

Experienced Trainer

Experienced instructors with a solid Java development background lead the Java course in Hyderabad. They offer valuable insights, real-world illustrations, and interactive exercises to enrich the learning experience.

Hands-On Projects

The training prioritizes practical skills by incorporating hands-on projects, enabling students to apply their knowledge and develop a portfolio of Java projects that demonstrate their expertise.

Industry-Relevant Content

The Java course content undergoes regular updates to stay aligned with industry trends and demands, ensuring that students are equipped with the most up-to-date Java development skills.

Interactive Learning Environment

Lamp Institute encourages an interactive learning environment that promotes active participation, posters discussions, and encourages collaborative learning among students.

Certification Opportunities

Upon completing the Java training program in Hyderabad, students have the opportunity to obtain Java certifications, enhancing the credibility of their skill set and sustaining their marketability to potential employers.

Flexible Schedules

Lamp Institute provides flexible training schedules, offering students a range of time slots to select from based on their availability. This flexibility caters to the needs of both working professionals and students, ensuring accessibility to the training program.

Practical Interview Preparation

 The Training includes specific modules dedicated to preparing  Java-related interviews. This includes guidance on common interview questions, coding challenges, and best practices in technical interviews.

Placement Assistance

Lamp Institute offers assistance with job placement, facilitating connections between trained individuals and prospective employers while also providing support throughout the job search journey.

What is JAVA ?

Java is an object-oriented programming language that empowers programmers to manipulate objects within the Java virtual machine, abstracting away the need for familiarity with the elaborate low-level specifics of the underlying computing platform.

Java is frequently utilized in the development of business applications designed to operate on smart devices like cell phones and tablets. However, it is also utilized in the creation of complex desktop applications.

Java is renowned for its platform independence, allowing it to execute on any computer equipped with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

The JRE serves as an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), enabling Java code to execute seamlessly across diverse computing platforms.

Moreover, Java is recognized for its readability, characterized by demanding syntax guidelines and structural regulations that facilitate programmers in comprehending the intended functionality of their code during the development process.

This attribute makes Java particularly suitable for constructing large-scale applications where the absence of errors in the code is crucial.

Java, renowned for its versatility and robust community backing, is a widely utilized object-oriented, platform-independent programming language prevalent in web and enterprise development.

Java's platform independence empowers applications to operate seamlessly across various systems, while its object-oriented methodology facilitates the creation of modular and reusable code, enhancing the efficiency of software development.

Objectives of Java course

Java Coaching in Hyderabad program at Lamp Institute Crafted with specific learning objectives, the course aims to provide students with targeted learning outcomes and advanced proficiency in Java programming. The curriculum covers a broad range of core Java principles, advanced programming methodologies, and hands-on application development. It campaigns to empower participants to adeptly create desktop applications, mobile apps, and websites utilizing Java.

Java Coaching in Hyderabad

Prerequisites of JAVA

java training in hyderabad
java training in hyderabad

Who should learn the course?

Java Course Outline

The course begins with a focus on core Java concepts, covering topics like variables, data types, and basic control structures.

Students will progress to delve into object-oriented programming principles, gaining insight concepts such as classes, objects, and legacy.

The curriculum incorporates hands-on projects to facilitate the application of theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios in Java development.

Advanced Java programming techniques, including exception handling and multithreading, are essential components of the learning .

The course explores Java's role in desktop application development, equipping participants with the skills needed to create functional applications.

Mobile app development is covered, with a focus on Java's cross-platform capabilities for building applications across various devices.

Students will acquire expertise in web development using Java, encompassing both backend and frontend aspects of the process.

The training concludes with importance on real-world applications, preparing students with the skills needed for Java interviews and meeting industry demands.

Course Overview

The Java Training program at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad offers a comprehensive course structure, starting from fundamental concepts and progressing to advanced programming techniques. Participants begin by exploring core Java principles such as variables, data types, and control structures, establishing a solid foundation in the language.

As the course advances, students explore into object-oriented programming, mastering concepts like classes, objects, and inheritance. Emphasizing hands-on projects, the curriculum enables practical application of theoretical knowledge and deeper understanding of Java development.

The Java course covers various application domains, including desktop application development, mobile app creation with cross-platform capabilities, and web development covering both backend and frontend aspects. Ultimately, Lamp Institute’s Java training aims to equip students with a resourceful skill set, ensuring they are well-prepared for the dynamic landscape of Java development.

Java Training in Hyderabad
java training in hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute distinguishes itself in  Java training by offering a comprehensive placement program aimed at facilitating a seamless transition from training to employment. This initiative is tailored to assist students in crafting compelling resumes, perfecting interview skills, and navigating the job search process with confidence. utilizing strong industry connections, Lamp Institute initiatives to connect trained individuals with prospective employers, ensuring that participants not only acquire valuable Java skills but also receive practical guidance in securing employment within the dynamic field of Java development.

Job Roles

Modes of Training

Online Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Java Developer

The primary responsibilities entail designing, coding, testing, and maintaining Java applications across diverse platforms.


Web Developer

Leverages Java for backend development to construct dynamic and interactive web applications.


Mobile App Developer

Designs cross-platform mobile applications using Java for Android and other Java-compatible devices.


Software Engineer

Participates in software development projects, employing Java to develop scalable and efficient solutions.


Full Stack Developer

Oversees both frontend and backend development, integrating Java for server-side programming.


Systems Architect

Architects are supervises the architecture of detailed software systems, frequently incorporating Java components.


DevOps Engineer

Implement automation and collaboration tools by utilizing Java to streamline the development and deployment processes.


Database Developer

maximizes Java for backend database connectivity and manipulation of data.


Technical Lead

Lead development teams, offering technical guidance and supervising the execution of Java-based projects.


Technical Lead/Manager

Directing and managing development teams to ensure successful delivery of Java-based projects.

Skills developed post - Java Coaching in Hyderabad


Following Java training in Hyderabad, students attain proficiency in core Java concepts, thereby enhancing their capability to write efficient and robust code.


The course promotes expertise in advanced Java programming, encompassing topics such as multithreading and exception handling, essential for real-world application development.


Through the program, students develop the capacity to create cross-platform applications by acquiring knowledge of Java’s compatibility with various devices.


Students cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary for desktop application development, broadening their abilities in creating functional software.


Students attain a comprehensive understanding of object-oriented programming, establishing a solid foundation for proficient software development.


The training elevates proficiency in mobile app development, empowering students to utilize Java for constructing versatile applications.


Java Training equips individuals with the capability to engage in hands-on projects, translating theoretical knowledge into practical experience.


Overall, individuals completing the Java training in Hyderabad emerge with a versatile skill set, prepared to contribute confidently and competently to various development projects.

Java Training Certifications

java coaching in Hyderabad

Java certification carries substantial significance as it confirms a professional’s proficiency in the Java programming language. It acts as an official acknowledgment of one’s skills and expertise, offering a tangible credential that distinguishes candidates to employers within the competitive tech industry. Java certifications not only signify a dedication to ongoing education but also highlight the capability to apply Java concepts effectively in practical scenarios.


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Lamp Institute stands out as an excellent choice for Java course training in Hyderabad. Their knowledgeable staff provided comprehensive instruction in Java programming, allowing me to acquire valuable skills. I was thoroughly impressed by Lamp Institute's commitment to excellence. It's truly a remarkable institution for Java Certification in Hyderabad. With top-notch trainers and a conducive learning environment, Lamp Institute ensures a fulfilling learning experience. I extend my gratitude to the entire team for their dedication. For anyone seeking Java developer course training, I highly recommend Lamp Institute in Hyderabad.
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Lamp Institute is undoubtedly the premier destination for Java Training in Hyderabad. With their extensive experience in Java courses and hands-on approach through live projects, Lamp Institute offers a top-notch learning experience. During my Java training in Hyderabad at Lamp Institute, I found the faculty to be highly knowledgeable and supportive. They not only guided me on improving my skills but also provided placement support, including mock interviews. I was truly impressed with the overall experience at Lamp Institute.
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I am extremely satisfied with the Java training I received in Hyderabad at Lamp Institute. The instructors have imparted invaluable knowledge that will greatly benefit me. Their teaching techniques are both engaging and efficient. Concepts are explained in simple terms, making them easy to grasp even for beginners in programming. I highly recommend Lamp Institute for anyone seeking Java course training in Hyderabad.
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I had the opportunity to attend a Java course training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad. Throughout the course, I gained a deep understanding of various Java concepts, and I found the training to be excellent. If you're looking to learn Java, I highly recommend taking a course at Lamp Institute.
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Lamp Institute is an exceptional institute that offers real-world training, surpassing others in the field. Their courses, designed by experts, provide all necessary equipment for comprehensive learning. I enrolled in Lamp's online Java training in Hyderabad and thoroughly enjoyed the classes. The sessions were engaging, enjoyable, and delivered with clarity by the trainers.
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Having prior knowledge in Java, I enrolled in Lamp Institute's online Java course, and it was a completely new experience for me. Learning Java was surprisingly easy, thanks to the comprehensive teaching approach. The instructor's wealth of knowledge and experience was evident throughout the course, and the lessons were exceptionally well-taught and easy to understand. In my opinion, Lamp Institute is undoubtedly the best place to learn Java training in Hyderabad.

Benefits of Java


The Java course provides learners with a versatile skill set, enabling them to create applications for desktops, mobile devices, and the web.

Industry Relevance

Completion of the Java course enhances job prospects by equipping individuals with industry-relevant skills sought after by leading tech companies.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Students acquire the capability to develop cross-platform applications, thereby contributing to the creation of versatile and widely compatible software.

Practical Application

The course places emphasis on hands-on projects, offering practical experience that enables students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Career Advancement

Successful completion of the Java course opens doors to various job roles, ranging from Java developer to full-stack developer, thereby facilitating career advancement.

Certification Opportunities

The course provides certification options, which add formal recognition of skills to students’ resumes, enhancing credibility and marketability in the competitive job market.

Market Trend in Java


Java continues to be a dominant force in the market, maintaining a consistent demand for skilled Java developers across various industries.


The demand for Java in mobile app development persists, as it enables the creation of cross-platform applications that are compatible with diverse devices.


Many large corporations and startups continue to rely on Java for its reliability, scalability, and cross-platform capabilities.


Java's role in server-side development positions it as a cornerstone in the construction of robust and scalable web applications.


The market trend indicates a sustained preference for Java in enterprise-level applications, highlighting its significance in business software development.


Continuous updates and improvements, including the introduction of new features in Java releases, underscore the language's commitment to staying current and evolving with the industry.


Java's adaptability to new technologies, such as cloud computing and microservices architecture, aligns with current industry trends and enhances its relevance in modern software development.


The market trend underscores Java's sustainability and relevance, solidifying its status as a valuable skill for both seasoned developers and newcomers entering the tech industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lamp Institute is renowned in Hyderabad for imparting practical knowledge using advanced teaching techniques to address both present and future industry requirements.

The cost of Java Coaching in Hyderabad varies depending on the training offered by different institutes. At Lamp Institute, we provide a Java course at an affordable price.

We provide Java training in KPHB. Feel free to visit us or contact us for any further inquiries.

Yes, as part of our Java placement assistance, we support our students in preparing for mock interviews and resume creation. We provide personal guidance from industry experts to help them land jobs after completing their training program.

The trainers at Lamp Institute are trainers specialized in the field and have many years of working experience.

The time required to learn Java varies, but it typically takes a few months for beginners to acquire proficiency.

No, Java and JavaScript are distinct programming languages. Java is a versatile, object-oriented language, often used for backend development, while JavaScript is a scripting language primarily used for front-end web development to make web pages interactive

Yes, Java is still in high demand in the software industry due to its versatility and widespread use in enterprise application

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