DBT Training in Hyderabad

DBT training in Hyderabad

DBT Training in Hyderabad(Online Course)

Next batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Sai Ganesh (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience5 Years
Course Duration2 Months
Timings9 AM IST
Next Batch Date1st July 2024
Training Modes Online / Offline
Call us at: +91 95050 07755
Email us at: info@lampinstitute.in

DBT Training in Hyderabad

Course Topics

  • What is an Embedded System?
  • Types of Embedded System
  • Classifications of Embedded Systems
  • Characteristics of an Embedded System
  • Applications of embedded system
  • What is a program?
  • What is a programming language?
  • Evolution of C language
  • Features of C
  • Structure of a C program 
  • Compilation and execution
  • Basic and Advanced programming flow control
  • If, if-else, if-else-if, nested if-else Loop control instructions
  • For loop, while loop, do while, use of break and continue Selection instructions
  • Switch
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • Strings
  • Structures and Unions
  • Storage classes and scoping
  • Files
  • Other Features
  • Preprocessor

DBT Training in Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

The DBT (Data Build Tool) training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad covers a complete curriculum, ensuring participants gain  through understanding of the tool’s functionalities and applications.

Experienced Instructors

The training is led by experienced instructors who bring practical industry knowledge to the classroom, facilitating effective learning through real-world examples and scenarios.

Hands-On Learning

Participants engage in hands-on learning experiences, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. This approach enhances skill development and fosters a deeper understanding of DBT.

Interactive Sessions

The training program includes interactive sessions to encourage active participation and open discussions. This collaborative learning environment promotes a rich exchange of ideas among participants.

Project-Based Assignments

To reinforce learning, participants work on project-based assignments that simulate real-world challenges. This practical application helps solidify their understanding of DBT concepts and prepares them for actual implementation.

Certification Opportunities

Successful completion of the DBT training at Lamp Institute comes with certification, validating participants’ proficiency in using the tool. This certification adds value to their professional profiles.

Networking Opportunities

The training provides opportunities for networking with industry professionals, creating a platform for participants to connect with like-minded individuals and expand their professional circles.

Career Guidance

The training includes sessions on career development, offering insights into the job market’s demands and trends. Participants receive guidance on how to leverage their DBT skills for career advancement and professional growth.

Flexible Learning Options

Lamp Institute recognizes the importance of flexibility in learning, offering both on-site and online training options. This ensures that participants can choose the format that best fits their schedule and learning preferences.

What is DBT ?

DBT, or Data Build Tool, is a software tool used for transforming and modeling raw data into a structured, usable format.

With DBT, users can create modular transformations on their data, promoting code reusability and maintaining a more organized data workflow.

It helps organizations manage and manipulate data efficiently for analytics, reporting, and other data-driven tasks.

It operates within the data stack, often integrated with data warehouses, to enable seamless data transformation and analysis.

DBT simplifies the data transformation process, making it easier for analysts and data engineers to collaborate in a streamlined fashion.

DBT has gained popularity for its open-source nature and its ability to enhance the data pipeline by providing version control and documentation features.


The learning objectives of DBT training in Hyderabad are designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Data Build Tool (DBT) functionalities. Participants will learn to efficiently transform raw data into a structured and usable format, gaining practical skills in data modeling and analysis. Additionally, participants will be guided to apply DBT techniques to real-world scenarios, ensuring they develop the expertise needed to streamline data workflows, promote code reusability, and effectively contribute to data-driven decision-making processes. Overall, the training seeks to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills required to make use of DBT in optimizing data pipelines for enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

DBT training in Hyderabad

Prerequisites of DBT

DBT training in Hyderabad (1)

Who should learn the course?

DBT Course Outline

The DBT training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of data transformation and the role of DBT in this process.

Participants will learn to navigate and use the DBT command-line interface for managing their data models efficiently.

The course covers essential SQL concepts, providing a solid foundation for participants to execute powerful transformations using DBT.

Hands-on sessions focus on creating and managing DBT models .Focusing on best practices for code organization and reusability.

Participants will explore into advanced DBT functionalities, exploring features such as macros, testing, and version control to enhance their data modeling skills.

The training includes practical use cases and project-based assignments, allowing participants to apply DBT techniques to real-world scenarios.

Instructors guide participants through the integration of DBT with data warehouses, showcasing its compatibility with popular platforms like Snowflake and BigQuery.

The course concludes with a comprehensive overview of industry-relevant trends, ensuring participants are well-equipped with the latest knowledge in the field of data transformation using DBT.

Course Overview

The DBT course offered by Lamp Institute in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive overview of data transformation and modeling using the Data Build Tool. Designed for analysts, data engineers, and professionals in data-related roles, the course begins with fundamental concepts and progresses to hands-on training in using the DBT command-line interface. Participants will gain proficiency in creating and managing DBT models, focusing on code organization and reusability best practices.

Throughout the course, participants engage in practical use cases and project-based assignments, enhancing their ability to implement DBT in various scenarios. Instructors, with industry expertise, guide participants through integrating DBT with popular data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery.

embedded system course in Hyderabad
DBT training in Hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute provides a robust placement program for participants completing the DBT training, aiming to connect skilled individuals with promising career opportunities. The program focuses on making use of the acquired DBT expertise to match participants with roles in data engineering, analytics, and related fields. Lamp Institute collaborates with industry partners to facilitate interviews and networking sessions, supporting participants in their job search efforts. This placement program is designed to align with the dynamic demands of the data industry, ensuring that individuals completing the DBT training are well-positioned for successful and rewarding careers in the field.

Modes of Training

Online Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Data Engineer

DBT skills are crucial for data engineers who design and implement data pipelines, ensuring efficient data transformation and modeling processes.


Business Intelligence Analyst

BI analysts utilize DBT to enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling them to derive valuable insights from structured datasets.


Data Scientist

Data scientists utilize DBT to clean and preprocess data, facilitating advanced analytics and machine learning model development.


Database Administrator

DBAs incorporate DBT to manage and organize data pipelines within databases, ensuring optimal performance and streamlined workflows.


Analytics Consultant

Professionals in analytics consulting roles use DBT to provide clients with effective solutions for transforming and modeling data according to specific business needs.


Data Architect

DBT is integral for data architects in designing and implementing scalable and organized data structures, supporting efficient data processing.


Data Analyst

Data analysts is make use of DBT to transform raw data into a usable format, allowing for more accurate reporting and analysis.


ETL Developer

ETL developers use DBT to streamline the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes, ensuring data consistency and quality in data warehouses.


Data Manager

Data managers utilize DBT to maintain and optimize data workflows, ensuring that data is organized, accessible, and aligned with business objectives.


Data Operations Specialist

Professionals in data operations roles employ DBT to manage and monitor data pipelines, ensuring smooth and error-free data transformations within the organization.

Skill developed Post DBT Training in Hyderabad


Proficiency in executing data transformations using the DBT command-line interface, fostering efficient and streamlined data modeling processes.


Experience in integrating DBT with popular data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery, expanding the scope of data transformation capabilities.


Ability to create and manage modular DBT models, ensuring well-organized and reusable code for enhanced collaboration in data-driven projects.


Proficiency in applying DBT skills to practical use cases and project-based assignments, strengthening the ability to address real-world data challenges.


Understanding of advanced DBT functionalities, including the implementation of macros, testing procedures, and version control for comprehensive data management.


Ability to navigate and utilize DBT within the data stack, contributing to efficient data processing and analytics workflows.


Knowledge of SQL concepts, empowering participants to execute powerful transformations and queries within the DBT framework.


Experience in collaborative data management, with the ability to contribute effectively to data-driven decision-making processes with diverse professional environments.

DBT Certifications

Dbt training in Hyderabad

The DBT certification holds significant importance as it validates an individual’s proficiency in utilizing the Data Build Tool effectively for data transformation and modeling. Certification not only enhances credibility but also provides a competitive edge in the job market, showcasing a commitment to mastering essential tools for data engineering and analytics. Employers often seek certified professionals to ensure a candidate’s capability to contribute to efficient and organized data workflows, making DBT certification a valuable asset for career advancement in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the data industry.


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The DBT training at Lamp Institute transformed my approach to data engineering. The hands-on sessions and real-world projects allowed me to apply DBT techniques immediately, and the industry insights provided by the instructors were invaluable. I highly recommend Lamp Institute for its comprehensive and practical DBT training
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Lamp Institute's DBT training provided a solid foundation in data transformation. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, guiding us through the intricacies of DBT with clarity. The course structure and practical assignments gave me the confidence to implement DBT in my work effectively. Thank you, Lamp Institute, for a rewarding learning experience!
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As a data analyst, the DBT training at Lamp Institute was a game-changer. The curriculum covered everything from basic concepts to advanced functionalities. The hands-on projects were challenging yet fulfilling, and the placement support afterward helped me secure a role aligned with my newfound skills. Lamp Institute is my top recommendation for DBT training.
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The DBT course at Lamp Institute exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and always ready to clarify doubts. The emphasis on practical use cases made the learning experience engaging, and the industry-oriented approach helped me transition seamlessly into a data engineering role. Lamp Institute's DBT training is a must for anyone serious about mastering data transformation.
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I enrolled in Lamp Institute's DBT training with minimal SQL knowledge, but the course structure and the instructors' guidance made the learning curve manageable. The hands-on exercises were instrumental in reinforcing concepts, and the certification provided a significant boost to my career prospects. Lamp Institute stands out for its commitment to practical learning and student success.
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The DBT training offered by Lamp Institute was a turning point in my career. The course content was comprehensive, and the instructors' expertise was evident throughout. The collaborative projects allowed me to build a portfolio showcasing my DBT skills, and the placement support was instrumental in securing a role aligned with my aspirations. Lamp Institute's DBT training is both enriching and career-defining


Enhanced Data Management Skills

DBT training equips individuals with the skills to manage and transform data efficiently, enabling them to organize and process information more effectively.

Career Advancement

Acquiring DBT skills through training enhances career prospects, as proficiency in this widely-used data transformation tool is highly sought after in the job market.

Improved Decision-Making

Participants gain the ability to contribute to data-driven decision-making processes, as they become adept at utilizing DBT for accurate and insightful data modeling and analysis.

Practical Application

The hands-on nature of DBT training allows participants to immediately apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, ensuring a practical understanding of the tool and its applications.

Competitive Edge

Certification from reputable institutions, such as Lamp Institute, provides a competitive edge in the data industry, signaling to employers that individuals have mastered essential data engineering and analytics tools.

Efficient Collaboration

With a focus on collaborative projects and best practices in code organization, DBT training promotes effective teamwork. Participants learn to work seamlessly with colleagues, fostering a collaborative environment in data-related projects.

Market Trend in DBT


DBT is witnessing a rising market trend as organizations increasingly prioritize efficient data transformation and modeling processes.


The demand for professionals with DBT skills is growing, reflecting its crucial role in optimizing data workflows and enhancing analytics capabilities.


DBT's open-source nature contributes to its popularity, fostering a community-driven approach and ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.


Companies across various industries are adopting DBT to streamline data pipelines, leading to a surge in the tool's prominence in the market.


DBT's compatibility with popular data warehouses, such as Snowflake and BigQuery, aligns with the industry trend toward diverse and scalable data solutions.


The market trend indicates that organizations value professionals who can leverage DBT to create organized and reusable data models, contributing to overall data management efficiency.


As data-driven decision-making becomes a standard practice, the market recognizes DBT as a valuable tool for transforming raw data into actionable insights.


DBT's role in the modern data stack positions it at the forefront of market trends, with its adaptability to evolving data requirements making it a key player in the data engineering landscape.

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DBT stands for Data Build Tool, helping organize and transform data. Lamp Institute’s course teaches it in an easy way, making data work simpler!

No! Our course is beginner-friendly. You’ll learn step-by-step, no coding stress.

The course is self-paced, so take your time! It usually takes 4-6 weeks, but it’s flexible.

 Absolutely! Lamp Institute offers a support system. We’re here to help if you have questions or need assistance.

Yes, once you complete the course, you’ll have access to materials for future reference. Keep learning!

 No specific prerequisites! Anyone interested in handling data effectively is welcome to join.

Yes, Lamp Institute offers placement assistance to help you find a job after completing the DBT course. We understand the importance of connecting our skilled students with potential employers. Our placement assistance includes providing guidance on crafting a compelling resume, preparing for interviews, and sharing job leads within our network

The DBT course at Lamp Institute goes beyond theory; it’s a hands-on experience. You won’t just learn about data transformation concepts, you’ll actively apply them in practical, real-world scenarios.

Yes, we provide supplementary resources, such as articles, videos, and cheat sheets, to enhance your understanding of DBT.

 Enrolling is easy! Visit Lamp Institute’s website, and you’ll find details on the course, including cost and enrollment steps.

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