Flutter Training in Hyderabad

Flutter Training in Hyderabad

Flutter Training in Hyderabad Batch Details(Online Course)

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Trainer NameMr. Prakash (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Course Duration1 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date27th November 2023; 09:00 AM
Training Modes Online / Offline
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Flutter Training in Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

Lamp Institute’s Flutter training program covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of Flutter development to advanced concepts and techniques.

Expert Faculty

The Flutter training program is taught by experienced Flutter developers. The faculty has a deep understanding of the framework and is able to provide students with the guidance and support they need to succeed.

Hands-on Training

The Flutter training program is designed to be hands-on, with students working on a variety of projects throughout the course.

Real-world Projects

Students in the Flutter training program have the opportunity to work on real-world projects with companies in Hyderabad. This gives them the chance to apply their skills to real-world problems and gain valuable experience in the industry.

Placement Assistance

Lamp Institute provides placement assistance to students who complete the Flutter training program. This includes helping students with resume writing, interview preparation, and job placement.

Flexible Learning Options

 Lamp Institute offers flexible learning options for the Flutter training program, including online and offline classes. This allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Affordable Fees

The Flutter training program is offered at an affordable price, making it accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Positive Student Feedback

Lamp Institute has a strong reputation for providing high-quality Flutter training, and its students have consistently positive feedback about the program.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Lamp Institute offers ongoing learning opportunities for Flutter developers, including workshops, seminars, and online courses.

What is Flutter ?

Flutter is a UI toolkit developed by Google for creating natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

With a rich set of customizable widgets, Flutter enables the creation of visually appealing and consistent user interfaces across different platforms.

It uses the Dart programming language and a reactive framework to build beautiful and responsive user interfaces.

It supports both iOS and Android platforms, empowering developers to reach a wide audience with a single codebase.

Flutter's hot reload feature allows developers to instantly see the effects of code changes, making the development process more efficient.

Flutter has gained popularity for its performance, flexibility, and ability to deliver a native-like experience on various devices.


In a Flutter training program in Hyderabad, the learning objectives typically revolve around equipping participants with a comprehensive skill set for proficient Flutter development. Participants are expected to grasp fundamental concepts such as Flutter architecture, widget-based UI design, and state management. The training aims to enable developers to efficiently build cross-platform applications for mobile and web using Flutter and Dart programming language. 

Prerequisites of Flutter

Flutter Training in Hyderabad
Flutter Training in Hyderabad

Who should learn the course?

Flutter Course Outline

Participants will start with an overview of Flutter and the Dart programming language, understanding their role in cross-platform development.

Participants will explore various state management techniques in Flutter, gaining proficiency in managing and updating application state effectively.

The course covers the installation and configuration of Flutter and Dart, including the setup of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio Code.

The course covers making HTTP requests, parsing JSON data, and handling responses, enabling developers to integrate data from external sources into their applications.

Participants will learn the basics of Flutter, including widget-based UI design, handling user input, and implementing navigation within applications.

Participants will learn to leverage third-party packages and plugins to extend the functionality of their Flutter applications and integrate native features.

The training delves into advanced topics related to UI design, layout, theming, and styling to create visually appealing and consistent user interfaces.

The training includes practical aspects of testing Flutter applications, debugging techniques, and optimizing code for better performance, ensuring participants are well-equipped to produce high-quality applications.

Course Overview

The Flutter Training program offered by Lamp Institute in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive course overview designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed for proficient Flutter development. Starting with an introduction to Flutter and Dart, participants gain a solid foundation in cross-platform development, understanding the key principles of widget-based UI design and application architecture. The course places a strong emphasis on practical application, guiding participants through the setup of their development environments and providing hands-on experience in creating responsive and visually appealing user interfaces.

The course also covers crucial aspects of testing, debugging, and optimization, ensuring that developers not only build feature-rich applications but also develop the skills needed to troubleshoot issues and optimize code for performance. Overall, Lamp Institute’s Flutter Training in Hyderabad is structured to empower participants with a well-rounded understanding of Flutter development, enabling them to create robust and cross-platform applications with confidence.

Flutter Training in Hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute provides a robust Placement Program aimed at facilitating successful career transitions for its students. The program is designed to bridge the gap between education and industry by offering comprehensive support in securing employment opportunities. Through personalized career counseling, resume building, and interview preparation, Lamp Institute ensures that students are well-equipped to navigate the job market. The institute also fosters connections with industry partners, organizing recruitment drives, and networking events to expose students to potential employers. By emphasizing practical skills development and industry-relevant training, Lamp Institute’s Placement Program strives to empower students to confidently enter the workforce and embark on successful career paths.


Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Flutter Developer

Specializes in using Flutter framework and Dart programming language to develop cross-platform mobile applications.


Mobile App Developer

Creates mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms using Flutter to ensure a consistent user experience.


Frontend Developer:

Focuses on the visual and interactive aspects of applications, utilizing Flutter for building responsive and engaging user interfaces.


UI/UX Designer

Collaborates with development teams to design and implement user interfaces that align with Flutter’s widget-based design principles.


Full Stack Developer

 Integrates Flutter into a full-stack development role, working on both the frontend (using Flutter) and backend components of an application.


Cross-Platform Developer

Develops applications that can run seamlessly on multiple platforms, leveraging Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities.


Mobile App Architect

Designs the overall structure and architecture of mobile applications, incorporating Flutter for its efficiency in cross-platform development.


Product Developer

Works on creating and enhancing digital products, utilizing Flutter to deliver feature-rich and visually appealing applications.


Quality Assurance Engineer (Mobile)

Specializes in testing Flutter applications, ensuring they meet quality standards and function correctly across different devices and platforms.


Innovation Technologist:

Explores and implements innovative solutions using Flutter to push the boundaries of mobile application development and user experience.

Skills developed post Flutter Training in Hyderabad


Proficiency in ServiceNow platform, enabling efficient development and customization of applications for diverse business needs.


Experience in building ServiceNow workflows and automation, streamlining business processes and enhancing operational efficiency.


Ability to configure and manage ServiceNow modules, fostering a comprehensive understanding of IT service management processes.


Ability to design and implement ServiceNow dashboards, providing real-time insights into key performance indicators.


Understanding of ServiceNow scripting languages, such as JavaScript and Glide, facilitating the creation of robust and dynamic workflows.


Knowledge of ServiceNow best practices, ensuring the development of scalable and maintainable solutions for ongoing business requirements. Press Tab to write more…


Knowledge of ServiceNow integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with other systems and applications.


Proficiency in ServiceNow Service Catalog, empowering the creation and management of service request workflows.

Flutter Certifications

Flutter completion certification

Flutter certifications hold significant importance in the software development industry as they validate and demonstrate a developer’s expertise in using the Flutter framework for cross-platform application development. These certifications serve as tangible evidence of a developer’s proficiency in leveraging Flutter’s capabilities to build high-quality, visually appealing, and responsive applications. In a competitive job market, having a Flutter certification can set developers apart, making them more attractive to potential employers seeking skilled professionals in mobile app development.

Testimonials of Flutter Training in Hyderabad

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I highly recommend Lamp Institute's Flutter training program in Hyderabad. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide hands-on experience in developing real-world Flutter apps. I was able to improve my skills and confidence in Flutter development after taking this course.
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Lamp Institute's Flutter training is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn Flutter in Hyderabad. The course material is relevant and up-to-date, and the instructors are friendly and approachable. I learned a lot and got a chance to work on a great capstone project.
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Thanks to Lamp Institute's Flutter training, I was able to quickly get up to speed on Flutter development. The curriculum is well-structured and covers all the essentials, from the basics of Dart programming to advanced Flutter features. I appreciate the personalized attention given to students
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Lamp Institute's Flutter training was worth every penny. The training is comprehensive and hands-on, giving students the skills they need to build robust Flutter apps. The instructors are helpful and encourage a collaborative learning environment.
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I couldn't be happier with Lamp Institute's Flutter training program. I learned so much in just a few weeks and feel confident in my ability to create Flutter apps. The training is well-organized, and the instructors are knowledgeable and invested in their students' success.
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I had a great experience with Lamp Institute's Flutter training. The instructors were patient and provided clear explanations, making it easy to grasp complex concepts. The hands-on exercises and projects were valuable in solidifying my understanding of Flutter development.


Cross-Platform Development Proficiency

Flutter training equips developers with the skills to create applications that run seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms, maximizing reach with a single codebase.

Efficient UI Development

Participants gain expertise in building user interfaces using Flutter’s widget-based system, enabling the creation of visually appealing and responsive designs.

Time and Cost Savings

Flutter’s hot reload feature, learned through training, accelerates the development process by allowing real-time code changes, resulting in quicker iterations and reduced development costs.

Versatility in Application Types

Training imparts knowledge on using Flutter to develop various types of applications, from mobile apps to web and desktop applications, enhancing developers’ versatility.

High Performance and Consistency

Developers learn to leverage Flutter’s performance benefits, ensuring smooth and efficient applications, while also achieving a consistent look and feel across platforms.

Career Advancement Opportunities

 Completion of Flutter training enhances career prospects by providing a sought-after skill set, making developers more competitive in the job market and opening up opportunities for diverse and challenging projects.

Market Trend in Flutter


Flutter is witnessing a rising trend in the market, with increased adoption by companies for cross-platform mobile app development.


Many tech giants, start ups, and enterprises are embracing Flutter due to its efficiency in creating visually appealing and performant applications.


The demand for Flutter developers is on the rise, reflecting the growing preference for this framework in the software development industry.


Flutter's ability to streamline the development process and reduce time-to-market has contributed to its popularity among developers and businesses.


The framework's strong community support and continuous updates indicate a sustained and evolving interest in Flutter within the developer community.


Flutter's seamless integration with popular IDEs and its compatibility with diverse platforms have positioned it as a frontrunner in the cross-platform development landscape.


Companies are recognizing the cost-effectiveness of Flutter, as it allows them to maintain a single codebase for multiple platforms, reducing development and maintenance expenses.


The versatility of Flutter, supporting mobile, web, and desktop applications, aligns with the market trend of creating unified solutions for diverse user experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Flutter training program at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad has a duration of 2- 3 Months.

While prior coding experience is not mandatory, some familiarity with programming concepts will be helpful.

The class size for the Flutter training program is kept small, with a maximum of 10-15 students per batch.

The Flutter training program curriculum covers everything from the basics of Dart programming language to advanced Flutter features needed to build robust, real-world applications.

Yes, the Flutter training program includes several practical projects that allow students to apply the concepts they learned to real-world scenarios.

Apart from the course materials, students will have access to additional study resources, such as sample code, demos, and audiovisual aids, that support their learning.

On completing the training, students can pursue a career as a Flutter developer or mobile app developer, given the ever-increasing demand in the industry for skilled Flutter developers.

Yes, Lamp Institute provides placement assistance to students who complete the Flutter training program, including resume building, interview preparation, and connecting them with potential employers.

The fee structure for the Flutter training program depends on the package selected. Lamp Institute offers flexible pricing options, allowing students to choose a package that suits their budget and requirements.