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PHP Training in Hyderabad New Batch (Online)

Trainer NameMr. Raghu
Trainer Experience12+ Years
Course Duration70 Days
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date15th September 2023
Training ModesClassroom/Online

PHP Course Syllabus

● Introduction to HTML
● Structure of HTML
● Attributes & Values
● Comments, Header Tags
● Image Tag
● Link Tags (Text & Image)
● Marquee Tag
● List Tag (Ordered & Unordered)
● Table Tag
● Form Tags
● Audio, Video Tags
● About Iframe
● Embedding of Google Maps

● Types of style sheet
● About CSS Selectors
● About CSS Properties
● Background Properties
● Box Properties
● Border Properties
● Positioning Properties
● CSS Menu Design
● Creating a Web Layout using Divs,CSS

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variable , Operators , Conditions
  • Looping and Array
  • Introduction to functions
  • Popup Boxes (Alert, Confirm, Prompt)
  • Form Handling
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Pre- defined functions
  • Client Side Validation (Regular Expression)
  • Web Architecture
  • Overview of PHP Platform
  • Origins of PHP in the open source community
  • Why do we use PHP?
  • Some of PHP’s strengths:
  • Some of PHP’s main competitors are PERL, Microsoft ASP.NET, JavaServer Page
  • Availability across multiple platforms
  • Installing as a module for Apache Web Server
  • Comparing PHP with other Web scripting languages or technology
  • Installation of PHP
  • PHP delimiters
  • Variable initialization with PHP
  • PHP Data types
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Operators
  • If else
  • If else if else
  • Nested If
  • Switch Case
  • Jump Statements ( Break, Continue, Exit )
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do while loop

  • How to use an important programming construct: arrays
  • Numerically Indexed arrays
  • Non-Numerically Indexed arrays (Associative Array)
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Presenting the user with input options via different HTML form elements
  • Retrieving form data with $_POST,$_GET and $_REQUESTarrays
  • Preserving Data in Form inputs
  • Defining functions
  • Using parameters
  • Understanding scope
  • Returning values
  • Call By Value & Call By reference
  • Using Require() and include()
  • Array, String, Math, Date functions
  • File uploading Concepts
  • Multiple File Upload
  • Downloading file from server using header.
  • Formatting, Joining, splitting, comparing strings
  • Introducing Regular Expression
  • Session, Cookie, Query String
  • Understanding Basic Session Functionality
  • Starting a Session
  • Registering Session variables
  • Using Session Variables
  • Destroying the variables and Session
  • What is a Cookie?
  • Setting Cookies with PHP
  • Using Cookies with Sessions
  • Deleting Cookies
  • Implementing Query String
  • Hidden Fields
  • Introduction to DBMS and Mysql
  • Web Database Design & Architecture.
  • Creating a MySQL Database
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Column Data Types
  • Implementing Insert/Delete/Update and select Query
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Having and Group By Clause
  • Joining Table
  • Implementing Keys & Constraint.
  • Dropping Tables and Databases
  • Connecting to MySQL Database
  • Create MySQL Database UsingPHP
  • Delete MySQL Database UsingPHP
  • Insert Data to MySQL Database
  • Retrieving Data from MySQL Database
  • Using Paging through PHP
  • Updating Data into MySQL Database
  • Deleting Data from MySQL Database
  • Using PHP to Backup MySQL Database
  • What is AJAX ?
  • PHP and AJAX Example
  • Client Side HTML file
  • Server Side PHP file
  • HTML list that’s not valid XML
  • HTML list that is valid XML
  • Parsing an XML Document
  • Generating an XML Document
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Defining PHP Classes
  • Creating Objects in PHP
  • Calling Member Functions
  • Constructor Functions
  • Destructor
  • Inheritance
  • Function Overriding
  • Public Members
  • Private members
  • Protected members
  • Interfaces
  • Constants
  • Abstract Classes
  • Static Keyword
  • Final Keyword
  • PDF Generation
  • Excel or CSV Generation
  • Implementing Pagination
  • Exception Handling


Key Points Of PHP Training in Hyderabad

PHP Training in Hyderabad

What is PHP ??

Uses of PHP in web development

PHP Training Details - Fee, Duration & more

PHP Framework was initially known as Personal Home Page and later got its professional name as Hypertext Preprocessor. 

It is the most popular language on the globe for web designing. 

It is an open-source server-side scripting language that is embedded into HTML and mostly used in web development and coding executed in a server within the server-side

Most of the websites use PHP as it is easy to understand and develop a web application, using PHP we can build dynamic websites, web applications, and APIs. 

In this training program you will learn about web development, control structures – logical expressions & loops, installation, user-defined functions, cookies & sessions, CMS, site navigation, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), files & directories, and a lot more.


LAMP Institute offers the best PHP training in Hyderabad with the most comprehensive with a conceptual curriculum and hands-on practical exercise. 

In this PHP training our industry experts will teach our students right from scratch and they will teach you how to work with different tools and techniques to build dynamic web applications.

Some of the topic covered as a part of our PHP training include –

  • Fundamentals of PHP 
  • Variables & constants in PHP 
  • Functions in PHP 
  • Structures in PHP 
  • Arrays & functions 
  • PHP with MySQL

We conduct our PHP training both online and offline training mode with convenient class timings for both students and working professionals. 

We also provide placement assistance to all our trainees post completion of the training.  

You will be given a PHP course completion certification from our LAMP Institute after the successful compilation of the training period. 

Enroll with us for PHP training in Hyderabad with placement assistance. 

Modes of Training For PHP Course

PHP Online training

Our PHP online training program is conducted using e-learning platforms, Making it easier for students to learn at their own pace and on the go. Our online courses are comprehensive, providing in-depth coverage of core concepts as well as advanced features. Students will be provided with a course guide and study material, as well as access to our online exclusive classes, where they can interact with other students. Online training is best for those who cannot make regular classroom training or prefer not to travel to a location to attend regular classroom training.

PHP training in Hyderabad

Our PHP course is taught by PHP professionals. All PHP professionals that are teaching our course are industry experts, who have spent years working in the industry. They have a passion for PHP and know the ins and outs of all of the popular frameworks. They teach you how to code efficiently, and give you a thorough grounding in the foundations of PHP. Our experts can answer any PHP questions you might have, and provide you with all the information you need to succeed. We have designed these course classes as per global standards.

PHP Video course Online

PHP video course provides easy access to learn a new programming language under experts' guidance with practical knowledge of the language making you more confident. Students can download each module of this course for quicker access whenever they need it.

Why choose us - LAMP for PHP Training?

Expert Guidance

Our courses have been designed by our experts who have helped thousands of students to become successful professionals. The best way to learn is to learn from an expert. Our trainers are expert PHP developers. They are certified professionals in the field of software development and will teach you everything that you need to know to be successful in the field of PHP.

Post Training Support

We conduct a series of classes where you will be taught by our expert instructors. You will be assigned a trainer who will help you with the basics of the course and answer any questions you have about the subject.

Limited batches

You will not have to face any problems on the way because our trainers will make sure that you will understand the lessons. We undertake a limited number of students each batch for better individual training. Each batch consists of only 20 students.

Lifetime access

Our courses come with lifetime access and unlimited availability. You will be able to access the content anytime, anywhere. You will be able to access our course materials on all your devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our course materials have been designed to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your career. All this is done through our extensive  Learning Management System.

PHP Certification

If you’re looking for a course that is very well structured and can guide you with a thorough understanding of PHP, then you must take PHP Certification Training from us. This training covers the basic to advanced features of PHP. The trainers will help you understand the concepts through live projects and hands-on exercises. If you are looking for a career in the IT industry then PHP Certification is a perfect choice.

Placement Assistance

We have a dedicated placement assistance team, which works with students and provides them guidance and support throughout their journey with us. Our Placement Assistance Team comprises certified professionals, who are experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable enough to help students build a career path. They are there to assist you at every step of your PHP training and help you in getting placed in the right organization.

Student Diaries

Through these training years, we have trained 50+ Students with 25+ Placements in reputed MNCs located in Hyderabad at high salary packages.

Virtual Lessons

This video course is for anyone who wants to learn to program using JQuery, HTML, Core PHP, Adv PHP and CSS, and JavaScript. We offer Online training and Recorded video course at an economical price.

LAMP Testimonials of PHP Training

Lamp training institute has been providing PHP training in Hyderabad for the past 10 years. The training course has been designed and developed by one of the best PHP training institutes in Hyderabad. We provide training in both online and classroom-based PHP courses. The trainer is very experienced and knowledgeable. He provides the training course in a very friendly environment.
Trainers are very patient and try to understand the doubts of the students. The training institute has provided PHP training in all the modules like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, XHTML, etc. It is an advanced-level PHP training program. The training is very beneficial for students who are new to PHP. They teach students modules in a clear manner.
Lamp Training Institute is one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad. We offer training in PHP, MySQL, and Joomla. They offer training for beginners, intermediates, and experts in PHP. Trainers are extremely passionate about helping students learn. The teachers are experts who are trained by industry professionals and are available to answer questions.
I have completed my PHP training in Training and would recommend anyone who wants to do PHP training in Hyderabad. Their PHP training modules are very well planned and taught by excellent trainers. You can join PHP training online from anywhere in the world. The course is designed to make sure that you understand all the concepts of PHP and its features. You will also learn about HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.
PHP Training provides comprehensive knowledge and expertise about the latest technologies of PHP. You can have a live session with the trainer to understand and clarify your doubts. This PHP Training is very helpful. I learned this course and found it very interesting. Good teaching skills and good environment. Very helpful and friendly faculty.
I completed the PHP course at this training institute. It is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad. You will learn a lot of PHP concepts during this training course. This course has helped me a lot in upgrading my career. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn a course at an economical price.

PHP Training Certification

PHP is the most popular web programming language in India and one of the most widely used web programming languages in the world. 

We offer PHP training and certification for all our trainees enrolled in the PHP training in Hyderabad. 

Our trainees will get an in-house LAMP Institute verified PHP course completion certificate that can be issued as a hard copy or in a digital format as per their requirements and our certificate is widely accepted by companies and comes with lifetime validity.

Our PHP Certification Training comes with real time project training that will prepare the students for the certification exams by providing a thorough understanding of the concepts of PHP. 

Here are some of the most common and well-received PHP certifications include – 

PHP Training in Hyderabad with certificate


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Advantages of attending PHP Online Training from LAMP

Skills developed after this PHP Online training in Hyderabad

Market Trend in PHP

Prerequisites of PHP Course

Career Opportunities after PHP Training

Education Eligibility for PHP

As a full-time student, you must study in a two- or four-year college or university that grants degrees.

      For PHP  positions, recruiters prefer candidates from all backgrounds.

Candidates or grads without an IT or computer background can easily study PHP  with a basic understanding of programs like HTML, CSS, and MySQL.

Who should learn PHP


Where should I start learning PHP?

The best way to start learning PHP, Lamp Institute is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad with high quality teaching technology.

What is Growth of PHP?

But PHP will not go anywhere in the next few years. Whether you have an existing PHP-built website or plan to create a new one, it is a good decision. If you are skilled in PHP, you don't have to worry too much about your career or your salary, for that matter.

Is PHP difficult for beginners?

For beginner coders and WordPress development, PHP is one of the best places you can start. It is a simple and straightforward language, making it one of the best programming languages to learn easily.

How long will it take to become a PHP Certified Developer?

It will take 3 - 5 months of course duration time, including this time you are able to devote each week and test the current level of your performance. Also will provide a curriculum.

Who can Enroll for PHP?

PHP for any graduates, cse, and ecs background students, who are looking for a good career in developer side. Also professionals like PHP full stack Developers can enroll in this course.

Will I get proper practical training in PHP?

Yes, You will get real time experience in the PHP course during the training Program. We use excellent lessons to teach all the concepts of PHP training so that students will gain more knowledge.

What if I have more queries?

You can reach out to our customer service 24/7 for all your queries.

What if I am not satisfied with the training provided?

We work on 100% student satisfaction, however, in case you are not satisfied with our training we will provide you with additional specialized training.