Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Kalyan (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience10+ Years
Course Duration45 Days
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date22nd February, 2024; 09:00 AM
Training Modes Online / Offline
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Azure Data Engineer Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Database Structure and Design
  • Real time Domain introduction and data modelling of one specific domain project
  • Server logging
  • Create Database in on-premises
  • Data Types
  • Table Name
  • Columns and its data types
  • Table Creation
  • Drop Table
  • Alter Table
  • Alter Column
  • Integrity Key Constraints
  • Indexing
  • Insert the Data into Tables
  • Read data from Table
  • Insert using query
  • Insert the Data into Table using select query
  • Select, as, TOP, Distinct, where (is null, is not null, IN, =, NOT IN between, (! = or <>), AND, OR, Like, order by etc
  • TEMP TABLES, select into, insert into from select query, UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, EXCEPT
  • Inner join
  • left join
  • right join
  • cross join
  • full join
  • Self join
  • Subquery and Correlated subquery
  • String Functions
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Conversion Functions — cast
  • Window Functions or Ranking Functions
  • Declare
  • Variables
  • Variable select
  • Table Variable
  • Declare
  • Variables
  • Variable select
  • Table Variable
  • Introduction on Azure Services
  • Azure Cloud Introduction
  • Difference between on-premises SQL Database and Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Sql
  • Azure SQL Database —sql
  • Elastic Pools
  • Azure SQL managed Instance
  • Azure Postgre SQL
  • Azure COSMOS DB
  • Azure Key vault
  • Azure Active Directory
  • App Registrations
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Storage Account
  • Azure Data Lake Gen2
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Lake Gen1
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Data Factory
  • COST Management

Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Azure Data Engineer program at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad offers an extensive curriculum designed to equip students with a thorough understanding of Azure data engineering principles and technologies.

Experienced Trainer

The training is facilitated by seasoned trainers who specialize in Azure data engineering. With their extensive industry expertise and practical insights, they enrich the learning journey, providing participants with valuable learning experiences.

Industry-Relevant Projects

Students actively participate in industry-relevant projects during the training, allowing them to tackle real-world challenges and develop solutions. This hands-on experience significantly strengthens their capacity to apply acquired skills effectively in professional scenarios.

Flexible Schedule Options

Lamp Institute recognizes the diverse scheduling needs of its students and provides flexible options such as weekend classes or evening sessions to accommodate various schedules.

Certification Preparation

The training program is strategically structured to prepare students for relevant certifications in Azure data engineering. This emphasis on certification ensures that students are thoroughly equipped to validate their skills and bolster their professional credentials effectively.

Interactive Learning Environment

Lamp Institute fosters an interactive learning environment that promotes active engagement, facilitates discussions, and encourages collaborative learning among participants.

Post-Training Support

Following the completion of training, Lamp Institute provides ongoing support, which includes access to updated materials, refresher courses, and opportunities for networking among alumni.

Career Support Services

Lamp Institute extends its support beyond the training period by offering comprehensive career services, encompassing resume building, interview preparation, and assistance with job placement to ensure participants’ success in their professional endeavors.

Mock Interviews and Feedback

Lamp Institute is committed to thoroughly preparing students for job interviews. To achieve this, mock interviews are conducted, and constructive feedback is offered to assist students in refining their interview skills, addressing weaknesses, and building confidence for real-world job interviews.

What is Azure Data Engineer ?

An Azure Data Engineer is a professional tasked with the design and implementation of data solutions specifically tailored for Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

They collaborate with diverse Azure data services like Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks to construct scalable and dependable data solutions.

Their specialization lies in creating and managing data storage, processing, and analysis systems by leveraging Azure services.

Azure Data Engineers play a crucial role in ensuring the security, integrity, and compliance of data within their solutions, adhering to industry regulations and standards.

Azure Data Engineers play a vital role in developing and maintaining data pipelines to facilitate efficient data movement and transformation processes.

These professionals collaborate closely with data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders to align with organizational data requirements and objectives.

Proficiency in Python is advantageous but not obligatory for an Azure Data Engineer, as it enhances capabilities in scripting and data manipulation within the Azure ecosystem.

Azure offers graphical interfaces and no-code/low-code tools that enable users to manage and deploy services without extensive coding knowledge. However, in certain scenarios, coding skills can be advantageous, particularly for tasks involving automation and customization.

Azure Data Engineer Course


The program aims to achieve several key objectives, including providing participants with hands-on experience through practical labs and industry-aligned projects, preparing them for relevant certifications, fostering an interactive learning environment, and offering flexible scheduling options to cater to diverse learner needs. It places a strong emphasis on real-world application by integrating practical use cases, collaborative projects, and access to Azure labs. Furthermore, Lamp Institute is committed to facilitating networking opportunities, continuous learning through resources and community engagement, and post-training support. This ensures that participants not only gain technical proficiency in Azure data engineering but also develop practical, collaborative, and networking skills essential for success in the dynamic field of data engineering.

Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Prerequisites of Azure Data Engineer

Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad
Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Who should learn the course?

Course Outline

The Azure Data Engineer training at Lamp Institute commences with an introductory session on Microsoft Azure and its array of data services, establishing a solid foundational understanding for students.

Lamp Institute's training encompasses Azure Synapse Analytics, empowering participants with the skills to design and oversee data warehousing solutions within the Azure cloud environment.

Participants advance their learning by delving into Azure SQL Database, where they acquire comprehensive knowledge on designing and managing relational databases within the Azure environment.

The course places a strong emphasis on data security and compliance, ensuring that students grasp best practices for upholding data integrity and meeting regulatory requirements.

The training incorporates practical, hands-on experience with Azure Data Factory, with a focus on constructing data pipelines to facilitate efficient data movement and transformation processes.

Participants engage in practical projects that explore real-world scenarios, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills to address business challenges using Azure data services.

Students delve into Azure Databricks, where they acquire expertise in processing big data and implementing advanced analytics solutions using a collaborative Apache Spark environment.

Lamp Institute wraps up the Azure Data Engineer training with a thorough review, ensuring that students are well-prepared for certification and able to demonstrate their proficiency in designing and implementing Azure-based data solutions.

Course Overview

Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the essential skills to excel in the dynamic field of cloud-based data solutions. The course begins with a solid introduction to Microsoft Azure and then delve into essential tools and technologies such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Stream Analytics, and Azure HDInsight.

Emphasizing a project-based approach, the training enables participants to apply their knowledge to tackle real-world business challenges, building a comprehensive portfolio. Lamp Institute’s expert instructors, equipped with industry experience, guide participants through the nuances of Azure Data Engineering, offering valuable insights and best practices.

Furthermore, Lamp Institute provides flexible training options, including both classroom and online formats, to accommodate diverse learning preferences and schedules.

Whether embarking on a career in data engineering or aiming to enhance existing skills, Lamp Institute’s Azure Data Engineer training empowers participants to thrive in the dynamic realm of cloud-based data solutions.


Azure Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad
Azure data engineer training in hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute   takes pride in its holistic Placement Program tailored to support students of the Azure Data Engineer course in Hyderabad. Recognizing that successful placement is a crucial aspect of each student’s journey, the institute extends its support beyond technical skill development. The Placement Program encompasses personalized career guidance, resume-building workshops, and mock interviews, aimed at augmenting participants’ overall employability and ensuring their success in the job market.

Job Roles :

Modes of Training

Online Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Data Pipeline Developer

Create, implement, and manage data pipelines to facilitate seamless data flow across different systems, ensuring efficient and reliable data processing.


Database Administrator

Oversee and fine-tune databases within the Azure environment, guaranteeing data integrity, security, and performance to facilitate smooth operations.


ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Developer

Extract data from a variety of sources, transform it into the desired format, and load it into Azure data storage systems, ensuring high data quality and consistency throughout the process.


Data Integration Specialist

Merge data from disparate sources, including both on-premises and cloud-based platforms, to establish a unified and accessible data ecosystem within the Azure platform.


Big Data Engineer

Utilize large-scale data processing frameworks like Azure Databricks to analyze and extract insights from extensive datasets, harnessing the power of distributed computing capabilities.


Data Warehouse Architect

Architect and deploy data warehousing solutions on Azure, establishing structured repositories to efficiently store and retrieve business-critical data for optimal performance.


Business Intelligence Developer

Create and manage business intelligence solutions utilizing Azure tools, empowering stakeholders to make data-driven decisions through effective data visualization and reporting capabilities.


Azure Cloud Specialist

Specialize in the deployment and management of data solutions on the Azure cloud platform, leveraging services like Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Synapse Analytics.


Machine Learning Engineer

Leverage machine learning techniques within the Azure ecosystem to build predictive models, facilitating data-driven decision-making and optimizing business operations.


Data Security Analyst

Implement and oversee security protocols for Azure data solutions, guaranteeing adherence to privacy regulations and fortifying sensitive data against unauthorized access or breaches through ongoing monitoring and management.

Skills developed post Azure Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad


Proficiency in implementing and managing cloud data solutions using Azure services.


Understanding of data integration principles and techniques, enabling seamless data flow across multiple systems.


Ability to design and implement data storage solutions for different types of data.


Capability to monitor and optimize the performance of Azure data solutions for efficient data processing.


Expertise in processing big data using Azure technologies like Azure Databricks and Azure HDInsight.


Mastery in implementing security measures to protect sensitive data in Azure environments.


Knowledge of building and deploying data pipelines for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tasks.


Familiarity with Azure data governance mechanisms, ensuring compliance with regulatory and organizational requirements.

Azure Data Engineer Certifications

Azure Data Engineer completion certification

Azure Data Engineer certifications Carrying high importance in the rapidly evolving field of data engineering, certifications serve as a recognized validation of an individual’s proficiency in crafting and executing data solutions on the Azure platform. Given the escalating adoption of cloud-based data solutions, employers actively seek certified Azure Data Engineers to ensure the strategic and efficient utilization of Azure services for proficient data management.


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The instructors at Lamp Institute delivered one of the most exceptional learning experiences I've encountered. Through their hands-on approach and comprehensive curriculum, I've gained the confidence to proficiently design and implement data solutions in Azure.
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I wholeheartedly endorse Lamp Institute's Azure Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad. The trainers were highly knowledgeable, and the course was meticulously structured and hands-on, resulting in an enjoyable and effective learning experience.
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The Azure Data Engineer Training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad has been instrumental in equipping me with a diverse skill set and a practical comprehension of Azure services. The course extensively covered crucial topics and services, empowering me to apply my newfound knowledge to real-world situations effectively.
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Lamp Institute's training program is exceptionally effective, striking a remarkable balance between theoretical insights and hands-on practical application. I've gained valuable knowledge in the latest and most pertinent Azure Data Engineering techniques through this training, significantly contributing to my career advancement.
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I was thoroughly impressed by the trainers' level of engagement and personalized attention at Lamp Institute. The Azure Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad course not only bridged my knowledge gaps but also equipped me with new skills, enhancing my confidence and productivity with Azure services.
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I recently completed my Azure Data Engineer Training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad, and I must say, these courses are among the best-designed options for working professionals. The Azure Data Engineer course, in particular, stood out for its comprehensive coverage of industry standards and up-to-date syllabus, making it an excellent choice for individuals new to embedded systems.

Benefits of Azure Data Training

In-Demand Skills

The Azure Data Engineer course provides you with skills that are highly sought-after in the job market, positioning you as a valuable asset for organizations seeking to harness Azure data solutions effectively.

Career Advancement

Upon completion of the course, your career prospects are significantly enhanced as you become eligible for roles such as Data Engineer, Database Administrator, and various other key positions in the field of data management.

Industry Recognition

Acquiring certification as an Azure Data Engineer is industry-recognized, affirming your expertise and elevating your credibility as a proficient professional in the field.

Problem-Solving Skills

Develop problem-solving skills to tackle real-world data challenges by engaging in practical projects and exercises incorporated into the course.

Flexibility and Convenience

The course frequently offers flexible scheduling options, enabling you to manage learning alongside other commitments, thereby making it accessible for working professionals and individuals with busy schedules.

Networking Opportunities

Interact with a community of learners, trainers, and industry professionals, fostering opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and potential collaborations, all of which can be advantageous for future career growth.

Market Trend in Azure Data Engineer Training


Market trends underscore a compelling demand for professionals proficient in designing and implementing data solutions using Azure services, crucial for supporting organizations in their digital transformation endeavors.


As the volume of generated data continues to rise, there is a persistent demand for Azure Data Engineers who can adeptly develop and maintain robust data pipelines to ensure efficient data processing.


The demand for Azure Data Engineers is escalating as businesses increasingly migrate their data to the cloud, seeking enhanced scalability and operational efficiency.


Azure Data Engineers are playing a vital role in empowering organizations to leverage the potential of big data, facilitating data-driven decision-making processes.


The demand for Azure Data Engineers is soaring due to the expanding adoption of Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud platform for data solutions.


The trend indicates that Azure Data Engineers with proficiency in tools such as Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Databricks are particularly in demand in the job market.


Companies are actively recruiting Azure Data Engineers to optimize data infrastructure, ensuring efficient management and utilization of data resources.


With data security and compliance emerging as paramount concerns, the market values Azure Data Engineers who can proficiently implement secure and regulatory-compliant data solutions on the Azure cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The duration of the training is for 45 days, depending on the specific program and course schedule.

A: While prior knowledge of basic data concepts and Azure services would be beneficial, the training is designed to cater to both beginners and professionals.

A: Yes, Lamp Institute provides a certificate of completion to participants who successfully complete the training program.

A: Yes, the trainers are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in Azure Data Engineering and related domains.

A: Yes, Lamp Institute provides access to course materials and recordings for a certain period, allowing participants to revisit and revise the content.

A: The training is conducted through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-life case studies to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

A: Yes, the training includes multiple hands-on exercises and projects, allowing participants to gain practical experience with Azure Data Engineering.

A: Participants can ask questions and clarify doubts during the live sessions or through dedicated discussion forums provided by Lamp Institute.

A: Yes, Lamp Institute offers post-training support through forums and emails to address any questions or issues that participants may have.

A: Yes, Lamp Institute helps participants with job placement after the completion of the training program.

To become an Azure data engineer, gain proficiency in Azure services, particularly Azure Data Factory and SQL Database, and acquire hands-on experience in designing and implementing data solutions on the Azure cloud platform.

Becoming an Azure Data Engineer requires dedication and practice, with proficiency in Azure services and data engineering concepts.

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