Angular Training in Hyderabad

Angular Training in Hyderabad(Online Course)

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Trainer Name Mr. Sayyed ( Certified Trainer )
Trainer Experience 12 Years
Course Duration 50 Days
Timings Monday to Friday (Morning & Evening)
Next Batch Date 30th October 2023 AT 07:00 AM
Training Modes Classroom & Online
Call us at:  +91 95050 07755
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Angular Training in Hyderabad

Course Topics

  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction to Angular
  • History of Angular
  • The leap from AngularJS to Angular
  • Desktop Application class User Experience
  • Productivity and Tooling
  • Performance
  • Community
  • Full-featured Framework
  • Supported Browsers
  • Platform for Targeting Native Mobile, not just Web Browsers
  • Setup and installation
  • IDE support
  • Scoping using let and const Keywords (ES6)
  • Template Literals (ES6)
  • Rest and Spread Parameters (ES6)
  • Destructuring (ES6)
  • Introduction to Types
  • Type inference
  • Type Annotations
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • String
  • Array
  • Tuple
  • Enum
  • Any
  • Void
  • Null and Undefined
  • Never
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Using types in functions
  • Function as types
  • Optional and default parameters
  • Arrow functions
  • Introduction to Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Access modifiers
  • Getters and setters
  • Read-only & static
  • Introduction to Interfaces
  • Optional properties and methods
  • Strict structural contract
  • Extending interface
  • Implementing interface
  • Introduction to Modules
  • Import / Export
  • Default
  • Decorators
  • Overview of Angular CLI
  • Anatomy of the project
  • Setting up a workspace
  • Updating Angular apps using ng update
  • Adding support for external libraries using ng add
  • Debugging Angular apps
  • Working with Augury
  • Using the Angular Language Service with Microsoft VSCode
  • Introduction to Bird’s Eye View of Angular and Its Programmable Members
  • Modules
  • Components
  • Templates
  • Metadata
  • Data binding
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Dependency injection
  • Angular Ivy
  • Understanding of modules
  • Create modules
  • Built-in modules
  • Root module
  • Feature module
  • Introduction
  • Component decorator
  • Component configuration object
  • Custom components
  • Component with templates
  • Inline
  • External
  • Component with Styles
  • Inline
  • External
  • Angular Elements
  • HTML as template
  • Data binding
  • Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Template expressions
  • Template syntaxAttribute, class, and style bindings
  • Input()
  • Output
  • Template reference variables
  • Safe navigation operator
  • Introduction
  • Built-in directives
  • Structural directive
  • NgIf
  • NgFor
  • NgSwitch
  • Attribute directive
  • NgClass
  • NgStyle
  • NgModel
  • Module 10: Introduction to Pipes
  • Built-in pipes
  • Pipe decorator
  • Introduction to Forms
  • Angular/forms library
  • Template-driven forms
  • Form and field validation
  • Validation check with ng-pristine,ng-dirty, ng-touched, ng-untouched, ng-valid, ng-invalid
  • Show and hide validation error messages
  • Form submission with ngSubmit
  • Reactive/ Model drive forms
  • ReactiveFormsModule
  • FormGroup, FormControl classes
  • FormBuilder for easy form building
  • Validations using Validators
  • Setting form model using setValue and patchValue
  • Use FormArray to build repeated from controls or form groups
  • Introduction
  • Why DI
  • Injectable decorator
  • Custom service development
  • Registering the service with NgModule using providers key
  • Provider Types
  • Class
  • Factory
  • Value
  • Introduction
  • Implement navigation in angular
  • Angular/router library
  • Configure routes
  • forRoot and RouterModule.forChild
  • Router Outlet, Router Link, Router Link Active
  • Nested Routes
  • Parameterized routes
  • Route guards
  • Introduction
  • Why RxJs
  • Observable interface
  • Streams
  • Operators
  • Subscription
  • Subject
  • Schedulers
  • Setup installing the module
  • Making a request for JSON data
  • Type checking the response
  • Error handling
  • Sending data to the server
  • Making a POST request
  • Configuring other parts of the request
  • Creating Libraries
  • Angular Material Essentials
  • Lazy Loading
  • Customizing the Angular CLI using the Builder API
  • Server-Side Rendering with Angular Universal
  • Working with Service Workers
  • Building a Progressive Web App
  • Introduction
  • Testing in Typescript
  • Testing Component
  • Testing Service/Provider
  • Testing Pipe
  • Manually
  • Using the Angular CLI with Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) Compilation and Tree-Shaking (removing unused library code)
  • Deployment Platforms for Angular Apps

Angular Training in Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

Lamp Institute’s Angular training in Hyderabad covers a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring a thorough understanding of Angular framework fundamentals and advanced concepts.

Experienced Instructors

The training program is led by experienced instructors with a deep understanding of Angular development, providing students with valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Project Guidance and Code Reviews

Participants receive personalized project guidance and code reviews from experienced mentors, ensuring that they not only write functional code but also follow best practices and coding standards.

Interactive Learning Environment

The training fosters an interactive learning environment, encouraging active participation, discussions, and collaborative problem-solving among participants.

Industry-Relevant Case Studies

Real-world case studies are integrated into the training, allowing students to analyze and solve challenges commonly faced in the industry, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Latest Angular Versions

Lamp Institute keeps its training materials and practices up-to-date with the latest Angular versions, ensuring that participants are well-versed in the most recent features and best practices.

Practical Workshops

Practical workshops are conducted to reinforce theoretical concepts, providing hands-on experience in building Angular applications and addressing common development scenarios.

Job Placement Assistance

Lamp Institute supports participants in their career goals by offering job placement assistance, which may include resume reviews, interview preparation, and connections with potential employers in the Angular development field.

Continuous Assessment and Feedback

Regular assessments and constructive feedback are integral to the training program, allowing participants to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and refine their skills throughout the course.

What is Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript framework used for building dynamic web applications.

It simplifies the development process by offering a structured framework for creating interactive and feature-rich single-page applications.

Angular follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, aiding in the organization and management of code.

Developed and maintained by Google, Angular provides a comprehensive set of tools for front-end development.

It enables the creation of responsive and cross-platform applications with reusable components and a modular architecture.

Angular supports two-way data binding, allowing automatic synchronization between the model and the view, reducing the need for manual DOM manipulation.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of Angular training in Hyderabad are designed to equip participants with a solid understanding of the Angular framework, enabling them to proficiently develop dynamic web applications. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will learn the fundamentals of Angular, including its architecture, components, and data-binding mechanisms. The training aims to impart practical skills by engaging participants in hands-on projects, workshops, and real-world case studies. By the end of the training, participants are expected to have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to build scalable and maintainable Angular applications, positioning them for success in the field of front-end web development.

Angular Training in Hyderabad

Prerequisites of Angular

angular training in hyderabad
angular training in hyderabad

Who Should Learn the course?

Angular Course Outline

The course begins with an introduction to Angular, covering the basics such as components, modules, and templates.

Participants will delve into TypeScript, the programming language used in Angular development, to build a strong foundation for application building.

The training progresses to cover essential topics like data binding, directives, and services, enabling students to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

Advanced concepts, including dependency injection and routing, are explored to enhance participants' understanding of Angular architecture and application flow.

The course includes comprehensive coverage of forms in Angular, teaching participants how to create reactive and template-driven forms for data input.

Participants will learn about HTTP client services and observables, gaining the skills to interact with backend servers and handle asynchronous operations in Angular applications.

The training addresses authentication and authorization, guiding participants on implementing secure login functionality and protecting routes within their applications.

The course concludes with a focus on best practices, testing strategies, and deployment considerations, ensuring participants are well-equipped to develop robust and scalable Angular applications.

Course Overview

The Angular training program at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad offers a comprehensive learning experience for individuals seeking proficiency in web development with this powerful framework. Beginning with the basics, the course introduces participants to Angular’s fundamental concepts, such as components, modules, and TypeScript programming. As the training progresses, students delve into advanced topics like data binding, services, and routing, gaining practical skills in building dynamic single-page applications.

Throughout the course, participants not only learn the theoretical Concepts of Angular but also engage in practical workshops and collaborative projects. The emphasis on hands-on experience, coupled with a focus on industry-relevant best practices, ensures that students are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges in Angular development. The training’s comprehensive nature, covering everything from basic principles to advanced techniques, positions participants for success in creating scalable, responsive, and feature-rich web applications using Angular.

Angular Training in Hyderabad
angular training in hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute’s placement program for Angular training in Hyderabad goes beyond equipping participants with technical skills, aiming to bridge the gap between education and employment. The institute understands the importance of practical experience in securing a position in the competitive field of web development. Through personalized resume reviews, interview preparation sessions, and connections with potential employers, Lamp Institute actively supports participants in their job placement endeavors. By providing a holistic approach to career development, Lamp Institute aims to empower its Angular training graduates with the tools and resources needed to succeed in the job market.

Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Angular Developer

Specializes in creating dynamic and responsive web applications using the Angular framework, implementing features and functionality based on project requirements.


Front-End Developer

Focuses on building the user interface and user experience of web applications, utilizing Angular skills to enhance interactivity and responsiveness.


Web Application Developer

Designs and develops robust web applications, leveraging Angular for client-side development and ensuring seamless user interactions.


UI/UX Developer

Collaborates with design teams to implement user interface designs, employing Angular to bring interactive and visually appealing features to life.


Single Page Application (SPA) Developer

Specializes in crafting single-page applications that load dynamically, utilizing Angular’s capabilities for efficient rendering and smooth user experiences.


JavaScript Developer

Works extensively with JavaScript, with a specific focus on Angular for building scalable and modular web applications.


Angular Consultant

Provides expert guidance on Angular best practices, architecture, and solutions, offering consultancy services to organizations looking to optimize their Angular-based projects.


Front-End Engineer

Plays a crucial role in the development team, responsible for creating the front-end architecture of web applications using Angular to ensure high performance and user satisfaction.


Angular Technical Lead

Leads development teams, providing technical direction, overseeing Angular-based projects, and ensuring adherence to coding standards and best practices.


Full Stack Developer with Angular

Possesses proficiency in both front-end (Angular) and back-end technologies, contributing to the entire web application development stack for end-to-end project implementation.

Skills developed Post Angular Training in Hyderabad


Proficiency in building dynamic and interactive web applications using Angular.


Ability to implement two-way data binding and create modular components for efficient front-end development.


Understanding of TypeScript, enabling effective programming within the Angular framework.


Knowledge of responsive design principles for creating applications that adapt seamlessly to various devices.


Experience in using version control systems, particularly Git, for collaborative coding practices.


Capability to work with HTTP client services and observables for effective communication with backend servers.


Mastery of form creation in Angular, including both reactive and template-driven approaches.


Many more skills developed post-angular training, including authentication implementation, routing, and adherence to best practices for scalable and maintainable code.

Angular Certifications

Angular certification holds paramount importance in the field of web development as it serves as a tangible validation of an individual’s proficiency in leveraging the Angular framework. In a competitive job market, employers often seek candidates who have demonstrated expertise through certifications, providing a reliable measure of a developer’s skills and knowledge. Ultimately, Angular certification is a valuable asset that opens doors to new career opportunities and establishes individuals as qualified experts in the dynamic and evolving realm of front-end web development.

Angular completion certification


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Hi, I'm from Mumbai. I joined the online course and the trainers were very helpful. I was able to clarify doubts and learn HTML, and CSS, as I knew these programming languages there helped me gain confidence in learning these skills. The best thing about the online course trainers is that they help you to understand the concepts and then explain them in simple language.
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Hi, I'm Lepakshi. I want to share my journey with you all. Once you have the basics down, you can learn more advanced techniques and create great websites. In the lamp institute Angular placement program, You will also learn how to build a website using a content management system (CMS). By the end of this training, you will be able to create a website with a CMS. You will also be able to understand how to edit the files that the CMS uses.
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I have attended the classroom program of the Angular course conducted by the lamp institute. I was really excited to learn and the training was excellent. The teaching method was perfect and the trainer was really helpful. I would like to recommend this training to everyone who wants to learn web designing. Thank you for a wonderful training.
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Hi, I'm Arun. I came from Kerala to take a course in Angular in Hyderabad. The training is amazing. Thanks to all of the trainers. I am grateful to them for their hard work and for making my dream come true. To get placed in an MNCs was finally true last year.
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If you want to earn money in the IT Sector, you can choose this profession. This is one of the best career options in the IT industry. You can get a decent salary by joining this profession. If you want to become a web developer or an Angular developer, you need to know a few programming languages. All these requirements for a job you can learn at Lamp Institute. I have shared this all with my experience with this trainers institute. This institute is one of the best in Hyderabad.
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Hi all, I'm John from Kolkata. I completed my B.Com with good grades but still, I was unable to find a decent job so my friend recommended me to this institute, and joining this institute saved my life from being unemployed to a happy employed individual. Programming has become my passion after completing an angular course from Lamp Institute.


Enhanced Employability

Completing the Angular course increases your employability, as it equips you with sought-after skills in Angular development, making you a valuable asset to potential employers.

Practical Skill Development

The course focuses on hands-on projects and real-world case studies, ensuring that participants gain practical experience in building dynamic web applications using Angular.

Stay Current in Web Development

Angular is a widely-used and continuously evolving framework. Taking the course helps you stay current with the latest trends and best practices in web development.

Career Advancement

Whether you’re starting your career or looking to advance, the Angular course provides a solid foundation for front-end development roles, opening doors to new career opportunities.

Build Scalable Applications

Learn how to create scalable and modular applications with Angular, improving your ability to contribute to projects that require robust and maintainable code.

Community and Networking

Joining an Angular training program connects you with a community of learners and professionals, fostering networking opportunities and collaboration within the web development industry.

Market Trend in Angular Training in Hyderabad


Angular continues to be a prominent player in the market, maintaining its popularity as a leading front-end framework for web development.


Many organizations prefer Angular for building single-page applications due to its robust features and strong community support.


The framework's adaptability to various project sizes and complexities contributes to its sustained market trend and widespread adoption.


Angular's regular updates and improvements reflect its commitment to staying relevant in the fast-paced landscape of web development.


The demand for Angular developers is on the rise, with companies actively seeking professionals proficient in this framework to enhance their web development projects.


Angular's comprehensive ecosystem, including tools and libraries, makes it a favorable choice for developers and organizations seeking an end-to-end solution for front-end development.


With a large and active community, Angular offers ample resources for developers to learn, share knowledge, and stay informed about the latest industry practices.


The continued integration of Angular into enterprise-level applications solidifies its position as a go-to framework for businesses aiming to deliver robust and scalable web solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to start learning angular, Lamp Institute is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad with high quality teaching technology.

Yes, Angular has a good career ahead. Angular developers predict growth of approximately 31% between 2016 and 2026.

Angular is more complicated to understand, It has more syntax and Component management. Some important features are installed into the framework core. Moreover, there are many ways to solve a single issue.

It will take 1 and half months of teaching time, including this time you are able to devote each week and test the current level of your performance. Also will provide a curriculum.

Yes, we will provide a demo class. It will help you to understand the curriculum and decide that angular is suitable for you.

You will get real time experience to the angular course during the training Program. We use excellent lessons to teach all the concepts of angular training so that students will gain more knowledge.

Angular is for any graduates, who are looking for a good career in developer side. Also professionals like Developers, Program Managers, System Integrators, Solution Consultants can also enroll for this course.

You can reach out to our customer service 24/7 for all your queries.

We work on 100% student satisfaction, however, in case you are not satisfied with our training we will provide you with additional specialized training.

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