Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

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Trainer NameMr. Sujith Kumar
Trainer Experience8+ Years
Course Duration30 Days
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date22nd February, 2024; 09:00 AM
Training ModesOnline Training (Instructor-Led Live Classes)
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Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Course Topics

● Problems of Point to Point Integration
● What is an ESB?
● How an ESB helps in solving problems with P2P Integration
● The idea behind an ESB. How does it work?
● What is Orchestration?
● What is Mule?
● What is an Any-point Platform for Mule?

● What is a mule Flow? What is an Event Processor?
● What Does a Mule Event Look like?
● What is a Transformer, Endpoint?
● Introduction to Any-point Studio
● Describe the structure of new Mule 4 projects and deploy-able archives
● Debugging a mule flow
● Structure of a Mule Event in detail
● Introduction to Data-Weave 2 as Mule Expression Language

● Understanding modules in Mule.
● Call static and non-static Java methods using the new Java module
● Lab: Using Java Module

● Starting Standalone mule Server.
● Understanding various configurations in Standalone Server
● Deploying applications manually to a standalone server
● Registering a standalone server in Any-point Run-time Manager
● Deploying Application to the standalone server using Run-time Manager

● Consuming a Restful Web-service
● Passing arguments to Restful Web-service
● LAB: Consuming Restful Web-service
● LAB: Consuming SOAP Web-services Using Web-service Consumer

● Configuring file connector
● Trigger a flow when a new file is added to a directory
● Writing a file to the file system
● Lab: Reading and writing files

● Configuring Database Connector
● Configure the Database Select operation
● Externalizing configuration to YAML file.
● Migrating between environments
● Add secure properties to Mule4 applications
● Lab: Database-endpoint
● Lab: Externalization

● Trigger a flow when a new record is added to a file and use automatic
● What are Object Stores?

● Understanding about Mule Domains.
● Sharing Global configurations across multiple projects using domains.
● Create Mule 4 domains using Maven coordinates and use them to inherit all
● Lab: Creating and using Mule domains

  • ● Scatter-Gather router
    ● Choice Router
    ● Lab: Implementing Scatter-Gather router

● Configuring JMS Connector
● Sending JMS Message to a queue using Publish endpoint of JMS Module
● Receiving JMS Message from a queue using JMS Listener endpoint of JMS
● Using Jms Selectors
● Using Publish Consume to send Ims message and receive JMS reply
● Setting Jms Headers
● Lab: Using JMS Module

● Introduction to DataWeave data transformation Language
● Writing Data Weave expressions
● Adding Sample data to view
● Previewing transformations in the studio
● Externalizing Data weave expressions into DWL file
● LAB: First Data-Weave Transformation
● Writing Expressions for XML, ISON, and JAVA
● Writing Expressions for transforming XML to JSON and vice versa
● Using Message Variables in DWL
● Properties in Transform Message transformer
● LAB: Transformations for JSON, XML and Java

● Transforming complex data structures using DWL
● Working with collections in DWL using map operator
● Using $
● LAB: Transforming Complex Data-Structures
● Using Various Data Weave Operators
● Custom Data Types in DWL
● Formatting in DWL
● Conditional Logic Operators in DWL
● LAB: Data-Weave Operators’ Usage
● LAB: Using Data-Weave in combination with database component,
Web-service consumer, and HTTP Endpoint

● What happens when an exception happens in a flow?
● How to handle System Exceptions??
● Difference between Mule 4 OnErrorContinue and OnError Propagate Scopes
● Handling Errors at the application level
● Handle specific types of errors
● Handle errors at the flow level
● Handle errors at the processor level using try scope
● Map an error to a custom error type
● Set a reconnection strategy for a connector
● Use Validations to throw Mule 4 errors instead of Java exceptions
● Lab: Handling errors

  • ● Functional testing of Mule flows using MUNIT
    ● Generating MUNIT flows from existing flows
    ● Writing various asserts
    ● Setup and Teardown
    ● Lab: Writing a sample test case using MUNIT
  • ● Understanding about different layers
    ● Experience layer, Process layer, system layer

● Use API designer to define an API with RAML
● Use the mocking service to test an API
● Add request and response details
● Add an API to AnyPoint Exchange and share an API
● Lab: Designing a RAML using API designer on Any point platform

  • ● Deploy an application to CloudHub
    ● Create and deploy an API proxy
    ● Restrict API access with policies and SLAS
    ● Request and grant access to a managed API
    ● Add client ID enforcement to an API specification
  • ● Understanding how to deploy on cloud-Hub
    ● What are changes to be done when deploying from on-premises to the cloud

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

 Lamp Institute’s Mulesoft training in Hyderabad covers a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring that participants gain a thorough understanding of Mulesoft’s key concepts and functionalities.

Expert Instructors

The training program is facilitated by experienced and certified Mulesoft instructors who bring real-world expertise to the classroom, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Hands-On Learning

Participants engage in hands-on learning experiences, including practical exercises and real-world case studies. This approach enhances their ability to apply Mulesoft concepts in actual scenarios.

Industry-Relevant Projects

Lamp Institute incorporates industry-relevant projects into the training, allowing participants to work on practical applications and develop the skills needed for real-world Mulesoft integration projects.

Interactive Learning Environment

The training is conducted in an interactive and collaborative learning environment, fostering engagement and encouraging participants to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Flexible Training Options

Lamp Institute offers flexible training options, including both classroom and online formats, catering to the diverse needs of learners. This flexibility enables participants to choose the mode that best suits their schedule and preferences.

Certification Preparation

The training program includes dedicated preparation sessions for Mulesoft certifications. Participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass Mulesoft certification exams.

Post-Training Support

Lamp Institute offers post-training support, providing resources and assistance to participants as they apply their Mulesoft knowledge in real-world projects. This ongoing support ensures a smooth transition from training to practical implementation.

Collaborative Group Projects

Lamp Institute promotes collaborative group projects that enhance collaboration while simulating real-world project conditions. This not only improves technical capabilities, but also critical teamwork and communication abilities.

What is Mulesoft ?

Mulesoft is an integration platform that helps connect different systems and applications to enable smooth data flow across an organization.

It acts as a bridge between diverse software applications, allowing them to communicate and share information seamlessly.

Mulesoft simplifies the integration of various technologies, making it easier for businesses to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency.

With Mulesoft, organizations can create flexible, reusable connections between systems, reducing the complexity of data exchange.

It provides a unified platform for designing, building, and managing application networks, facilitating the integration of data, devices, and APIs.

Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform, a key component, enables the development and management of APIs, ensuring smooth communication between different software components


Lamp Institute’s Mulesoft training in Hyderabad aims to impart a thorough understanding of Mulesoft’s integration capabilities and practical skills for real-world applications. The objectives include familiarizing students with the latest Mulesoft versions, providing hands-on experience, and preparing them for certification. The program emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Lamp Institute strives to facilitate a smooth transition for participants from training to becoming proficient Mulesoft practitioners, ready for impactful contributions in the field of integration.

React Training in Hyderabad

Prerequisites of Mulesoft

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad
Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Who should learn the course?

Mulesoft Training Outline

Lamp Institute's Mulesoft training begins with an introduction to integration concepts, laying the foundation for understanding data flow and connectivity.

The course progresses to hands-on exercises, where participants learn to use Mulesoft's Anypoint Studio to build and deploy integrations.

Students delve into the essentials of Mulesoft's architecture, gaining insights into how it facilitates seamless communication between different applicationss

The training covers the development of APIs, teaching participants how to create and manage them using Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform.

Lamp Institute's course includes practical scenarios to apply learned concepts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Mulesoft integration in real-world situations.

Participants learn about data transformation techniques, exploring how Mulesoft can manipulate and format data for effective integration.

Advanced topics such as error handling, security, and optimization are covered, equipping students with the skills to address challenges in complex integration projects.

The course concludes with certification preparation, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to validate their Mulesoft skills in the industry.

Course Overview

The Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad at Lamp Institute provides a comprehensive overview of Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform, equipping students with the skills needed for effective integration and API management. The course begins with a solid foundation in MuleSoft fundamentals, covering concepts such as building APIs, designing integration flows, and utilizing connectors to link diverse applications.

As the training progresses, participants delve into advanced topics, including error handling, data transformation, and the implementation of best practices for creating robust, scalable integrations. Hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios are integrated into the curriculum, allowing students to apply their knowledge in practical situations and gain confidence in navigating the complexities of MuleSoft integration projects.

Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad
Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute, a renowned training center in Hyderabad, offers a comprehensive Placement Program as part of its MuleSoft training curriculum. This program is specifically designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that students not only grasp the intricacies of MuleSoft but also gain real-world experience in deploying and managing integration solutions. The Mulesoft training and Placement Program at Lamp Institute goes beyond traditional classroom learning, incorporating hands-on projects, case studies, and industry-relevant simulations to provide students with a holistic understanding of Mulesoft technologies. 

Modes of Training

Online Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Mulesoft Developer

 Designs and implements Mulesoft integration solutions, responsible for coding, testing, and troubleshooting to ensure smooth data flow between systems.


Integration Architect

Plans and designs the overall structure of Mulesoft integrations, ensuring alignment with business goals and scalability for future needs.


API Developer

Specializes in creating, maintaining, and optimizing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using Mulesoft, enabling seamless communication between different software systems.


Mulesoft Administrator

Manages and maintains the Mulesoft infrastructure, ensuring the platform’s reliability, security, and performance.


Mulesoft Consultant

Advises organizations on Mulesoft best practices, offering guidance on how to optimize their integration strategies for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Integration Analyst

Analyzes business requirements and translates them into Mulesoft integration solutions, working closely with stakeholders to ensure alignment with organizational objectives.


Support Engineer

Provides technical support for Mulesoft implementations, troubleshooting issues, and assisting end-users to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of integrated systems.


Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer for Mulesoft

Tests Mulesoft integrations to identify and resolve any bugs or issues, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of data transfers.


Mulesoft Trainer

Educates individuals or teams on Mulesoft technologies, conducting training sessions to enhance their skills and understanding of integration concepts.


Solution Architect

Collaborates with stakeholders to understand business requirements and designs end-to-end solutions using Mulesoft, aligning technology with organizational goals and objectives.

Skills developed post Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad


Proficiency in developing Mulesoft applications, enabling effective integration of diverse systems and applications.


Expertise in utilizing Anypoint Exchange for discovering, sharing, and reusing pre-built connectors, templates, and APIs.


Understanding of Mulesoft’s architecture, fostering the ability to design and implement seamless data flow solutions.


Capability to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage deployed Mule applications using Mulesoft Runtime Manager.


Knowledge of API development using Anypoint Platform, allowing for efficient creation and management of APIs.


Proficiency in designing and testing APIs before implementation with Mulesoft API Designer.


Ability to use DataWeave for data transformation, ensuring mastery in manipulating and formatting data within MuleSoft.


Expertise in API management, including access control, policy enforcement, and security implementation, using Mulesoft’s API Manager.

Mulesoft Training Certifications

Mulesoft completion certification

Obtaining Mulesoft certification is really important in the IT industry as it serves as a validation of an individual’s expertise in Mulesoft integration technologies. Certification not only demonstrates a solid understanding of Mulesoft’s principles and functionalities but also signifies a commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in integration technology. For professionals, Mulesoft certification enhances career prospects by making them more marketable to employers seeking skilled integration specialists.


Rohit Kumar
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I am very satisfied with the quality of Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad provided by Lamp Institute. The trainers are well-versed in the technology and have a lot of industry experience. The course content was comprehensive, and the hands-on exercises provided helped me gain practical experience in developing integration flows. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in learning Mulesoft.
Rahul Sharma
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The Mulesoft online training by Lamp Institute was excellent. The trainers were knowledgeable and patient, and they explained the concepts very clearly. The course content was well-structured, and the combination of theory and practical exercises helped me understand the technology better. I found the real-world project experience particularly beneficial as it prepared me for actual integration scenarios.
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I am delighted with the Mulesoft training I received from Lamp Institute. The Mulesoft online course covered all the essential topics, and the trainers used real-world examples to make the learning experience more engaging. The training material was top-notch, and the use of Anypoint Studio and Mule ESB helped me gain hands-on experience in integration development. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to advance their Mulesoft skills.
Ravi Teja,
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Lamp Institute offers exceptional Mulesoft training that is well-suited for both beginners and experienced professionals. The trainers are knowledgeable, patient, and willing to answer any questions. The course content is in-depth, covering all aspects of Mulesoft architecture, design, and management. The real-world project experience was particularly helpful in showcasing how Mulesoft can be applied to real-world scenarios.
Shalini Reddy
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The Mulesoft training program offered by Lamp Institute exceeded my expectations. The trainers are highly skilled and experienced, and the course material was well-organized and relevant. The training methodology helped me learn at my own pace, and the support from the Lamp Institute team was excellent. I gained valuable experience in Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad designing and developing integration flows, and I found the certification exam challenging yet rewarding. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in mastering Mulesoft.
Deepa Gupta
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The Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad provided by Lamp Institute was outstanding. The trainers were not only knowledgeable but also very supportive throughout the learning process. The course content was comprehensive, covering all the important concepts and providing practical examples. The hands-on exercises and projects were particularly beneficial in gaining hands-on experience. I am confident that this training has prepared me well for a career in Mulesoft integration


Enhanced Skills

The Mulesoft course in Hyderabad helps you develop new skills in integration, making you more knowledgeable and proficient in connecting different systems and applications.

Career Opportunities:

Completing the Mulesoft course opens up new job opportunities as companies often seek professionals with expertise in Mulesoft for their integration projects.

Increased Employability

Having Mulesoft training on your resume makes you more attractive to employers, increasing your chances of getting hired for roles related to integration and data connectivity.

Confidence in Integration

The course builds your confidence in working with Mulesoft tools, empowering you to design and implement effective solutions for seamless data flow between systems.

Industry Recognition

Completing the Mulesoft course provides industry-recognized certification, validating your skills and knowledge in Mulesoft integration technologies.

Problem-Solving Abilities

The course equips you with problem-solving skills, allowing you to troubleshoot issues and optimize Mulesoft integrations, making you a valuable asset in any organization relying on smooth data exchanges.

Market Trend in Mulesoft


Mulesoft is experiencing a rising demand in the market due to its ability to streamline and simplify complex business integrations


Companies are increasingly adopting Mulesoft for its role in connecting diverse systems and applications, promoting seamless data flow


The market trend shows a growing preference for Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform as a robust solution for API management and integration challenges


Mulesoft's agility in adapting to various cloud platforms aligns with the prevailing industry shift towards cloud-based solutions.


Businesses are leveraging Mulesoft to enhance customer experiences by creating integrated and responsive digital ecosystems


The market indicates a surge in Mulesoft's popularity for enabling efficient data exchange between different software applications and services.


Mulesoft's open architecture approach is resonating well with organizations seeking flexibility and scalability in their integration strategies.


As digital transformation becomes a priority for many enterprises, Mulesoft is emerging as a key player in orchestrating seamless connectivity between disparate systems and applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, the trainers at Lamp Institute are highly experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and industry experience in Mulesoft technology.

A. Yes, Lamp Institute provides hands-on exercises and real-world project experience to ensure participants gain practical experience in Mulesoft development and integration.

A. The duration of the Mulesoft Training program is 30 days.

A. The prerequisites for the Mulesoft training program may vary depending on the specific course. However, a basic understanding of programming and integration concepts is recommended.

A. Yes, Lamp Institute provides comprehensive course materials, including presentation slides, code samples, and additional resources to supplement the training.

A. Yes, Lamp Institute offers certification exams for participants who wish to validate their Mulesoft skills and obtain industry-recognized certifications.

A. Yes, Lamp Institute provides post-training support and consultation services to help participants with any additional questions or challenges they may face after completing the training program.

A. Yes, Lamp Institute offers customized training programs for corporate groups based on their specific requirements and objectives.

A. Lamp Institute does not provide direct job placement assistance, but they may offer guidance and recommendations to participants regarding job opportunities in the market.

A: Yes, Lamp Institute allows participants to switch from online training to classroom training or vice versa, depending on availability and individual preferences.

A: MuleSoft requires coding skills for effective implementation. Lamp Institute in Hyderabad offers MuleSoft training to help individuals acquire the necessary coding expertise for using MuleSoft integration tools.

A: Lamp Institute’s MuleSoft training in Hyderabad is designed to simplify the learning process, offering accessible resources for an easier grasp of the concept

A: MuleSoft skills are in demand as businesses seek seamless integration solutions. Lamp Institute in Hyderabad provides MuleSoft training to meet the growing industry demand for proficient professionals.

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