Vue Js Training In Hyderabad

Vue Js Training In Hyderabad

Vue Js Training In Hyderabad (Online Course)

Next batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Varma
Trainer Experience7+ Years
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date26th December 2023 AT 11:00 AM
Training Modes Online / Offline
Call us at: +91 95050 07755
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Vue Js Training In Hyderabad

Course Topics

  • About Vue.js
  • Use of Vue.js
  • Quick tour of Vue-cli
  • Hello World with Vue.js
  • Anatomy of Hello world vue app
  • Overview of Vue.js template
  • About viewmodel / vue instance
  • Template syntax
  • Interpolation
  • Directive
  • Filters
  • Shorthands
  • Javascript expressions
  • Computed properties
  • Watchers
  • Class and style bindings
  • HTML classes
  • Inline styles
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Iterative Rendering
  • Basic vue instance usage
  • Multiple vue instances
  • Vue instance Lifecycle
  • Accessing data from outside vue instance
  • Data and methods
  • More about $el, $data and $refs
  • Introduction
  • Listening to events
  • Method Event handlers
  • Event modifiers
  • Key modifiers
    • Introduction to two way binding via v-model
    • Handling user input with HTML form controls
    • Data binding
    • .lazy, .number, .trim modifiers
    • Submitting a form
  • Overview of components
  • Use of components
  • Hello World component
  • Anatomy of a component
  • Registering Components Locally and Globally
  • Root Component
  • Thinking in components
  • Composing application as components
  • Props, parent to child communication
  • Custom events, child to parent
  • Non parent child communication event emitter style using .emit, .on
  • Compilation scope
  • Single slot
  • Named slot and Scoped slot
  • Switching Multiple Components with Dynamic Components
  • Dynamic Component Behavior
  • Keeping Dynamic Components Alive
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • Introduction
  • Directive hook functions
  • Developing custom directive
  • Passing values and arguments to custom directives
  • Directive hook arguments
  • Introduction
  • Creating and using mixins
  • Option merging
  • Global mixin
  • Introduction
  • Local filters
  • Global filters
  • Chaining filters
  • Using vue-resource to working with HTTP
  • Fetch data
  • Post data to server
  • Request Response Interception
  • Template URLs
  • Introduction
  • Setting up vue-router
  • Loading routes
  • Routing modes
  • Navigation with router links
  • Styling active links
  • Imperative navigation
  • Route Parameters
  • Setting up child or nested routes
  • Named routes
  • Query parameters
  • Named router views
  • Wildcard routes
  • Route guards
  • Introduction
  • What is need for state management
  • What is vuex
  • Centralized store
  • Understanding Getters
  • Using Getters
  • Mapping Getters to Properties
  • Using Mutations
  • Using Actions
  • Mapping Actions to Methods
  • Introduction
  • Setup and tooling
  • Testing components

Vue Js Training In Hyderabad

Key Points

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Vue training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad covers a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring that participants gain a solid understanding of Vue.js and its key concepts.

Hands-on Learning:

The training emphasizes hands-on learning experiences, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge through practical exercises and real-world projects.

Expert Instructors

Vue training at Lamp Institute is led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are experts in Vue.js development. They provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the course.

Interactive Sessions

The training sessions are designed to be interactive, encouraging active participation and engagement among participants. This fosters a dynamic learning environment.

Project-Based Approach

 Participants have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, enabling them to apply Vue.js concepts in a practical setting and build a portfolio of projects to showcase their skills.

Flexible Schedules

 Lamp Institute offers flexible training schedules to accommodate participants with varying time commitments. This flexibility ensures that working professionals and students can easily integrate the training into their routines.

Small Class Sizes

To enhance the learning experience, class sizes are kept small. This allows for personalized attention from instructors and promotes better interaction among participants.

Career Guidance

The Vue training program includes career guidance sessions, providing insights into the job market, industry trends, and tips for effective job searches. This helps participants make informed decisions about their career paths.


Upon successful completion of the Vue training, participants receive a certification from Lamp Institute. This certification serves as a valuable recognition of their proficiency in Vue.js development, enhancing their credibility in the job market.

What is Vue Js ?

Vue is a JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces, particularly for single-page applications.

It allows developers to create reactive components that efficiently update and respond to changes in data.

Vue is designed to be incrementally adoptable, making it easy to integrate into existing projects.

Vue's core library is lightweight, but it can be extended with additional libraries for more complex features as needed.

Their primary characteristic is their focus on dedicated functionality, distinguishing them from general-purpose computers.

Known for its simplicity and ease of integration, Vue has gained popularity in the web development community for its developer-friendly approach.


The learning objectives of Vue training in Hyderabad are to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. The training aims to impart practical skills in developing reactive and efficient components, enabling participants to create dynamic single-page applications. Through hands-on learning experiences and real-world projects, attendees will gain proficiency in Vue.js concepts, emphasizing its incremental adaptability and flexibility for integration into diverse projects. The training also focuses on fostering an interactive learning environment, providing participants with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently leverage Vue.js for web development.

Vue Js Training In Hyderabad

Prerequisites of vue js

vue ja training in hyderabad
vue ja training in hyderabad

Who should learn the course?

Vue Js Training Course Outline

The Vue training at Lamp Institute in Hyderabad begins with an introduction to Vue.js, covering its origins, advantages, and fundamental concepts.

Participants will delve into the basics of Vue.js, learning about directives, binding data, and handling user input to build a strong foundation in front-end development.

The course progresses to cover advanced topics such as components, custom directives, and transitions, empowering participants to create modular and dynamic user interfaces.

State management in Vue.js is a crucial aspect covered in the training, enabling participants to handle application-level data and ensure efficient state updates.

Participants will explore routing with Vue Router, allowing them to create seamless and responsive single-page applications with multiple views.

The course includes in-depth sessions on Vuex, providing insights into centralized state management for larger Vue.js applications.

Error handling and debugging techniques are covered to equip participants with the skills needed to identify and resolve issues effectively during the development process.

The training concludes with a focus on practical applications, where participants work on real-world projects, applying their knowledge and skills gained throughout the Vue training at Lamp Institute.

Course Overview

The Vue training offered by Lamp Institute in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive and practical learning experience for individuals aiming to master Vue.js, a powerful JavaScript framework for building dynamic user interfaces. The course begins with a detailed introduction to Vue.js, covering its origins and core concepts. Participants progress through hands-on sessions, mastering fundamental aspects like directives, data binding, and user input handling. Throughout the course, participants engage in real-world projects, applying their acquired skills and gaining practical experience in Vue.js development.

Moreover, the Vue training at Lamp Institute prioritizes a learner-centric approach with expert instructors guiding participants through each module. The course is designed to be incrementally adoptable, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. Whether you are a front-end developer looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer to web development, this training equips you with the tools to excel in building modern, responsive, and interactive web applications.

Vue Js Training In Hyderabad
vue ja training in hyderabad

Placement Program

Lamp Institute provides a robust placement program for participants who successfully complete the Vue training, aiming to bridge the gap between education and employment. Leveraging industry connections and insights, the placement program offers career guidance sessions, resume building workshops, and interview preparation to equip participants with the skills needed for thejob market. The institute collaborates with leading companies to facilitate job placements, ensuring that Vue-trained individuals have the opportunity to showcase their talents and secure positions in the dynamic field of web development.

Modes of Training

Classroom Training

Self-Paced Videos

Corporate Training

Career Opportunities


Front-End Developer

Vue.js is commonly used for front-end development, and individuals skilled in Vue are well-suited for roles that involve creating visually appealing and interactive user interfaces.


Vue.js Developer

Specialized roles as Vue.js developers involve using the framework to build scalable and efficient web applications, implementing Vue.js features and best practices.


UI/UX Developer

Those with Vue.js expertise can contribute to user interface and user experience development, ensuring seamless and engaging interactions within web applications.


JavaScript Developer

Vue.js proficiency is valuable in general JavaScript development roles, as Vue is a JavaScript framework that enhances the capabilities of developers in creating dynamic web applications.


Web Application Developer

Vue.js is widely used in web application development, making individuals proficient in Vue suitable for roles focused on creating and maintaining web applications.


Single-Page Application (SPA) Developer

 Vue’s strength in building SPAs makes Vue.js developers well-suited for roles specifically focused on creating and optimizing single-page applications.


Front-End Engineer

Professionals with Vue skills are often sought after for front-end engineering roles, contributing to the development and optimization of the client-side of web applications.


Technical Consultant

Vue.js can be integrated into full-stack development, so individuals with Vue expertise can contribute to both front-end and back-end development, making them versatile in full-stack roles.


Freelance Developer:

With the increasing demand for Vue.js in the gig economy, individuals skilled in Vue can take on freelance roles, working on projects that require expertise in front-end development using Vue.js.


Full-Stack Developer

Vue.js can be integrated into full-stack development, so individuals with Vue expertise can contribute to both front-end and back-end development, making them versatile in full-stack roles.


Skills developed post Vue Js Training In Hyderabad


Participants will gain proficiency in Vue.js, empowering them to efficiently build interactive and user-friendly web interfaces.


The Vue training equips participants with the ability to implement directives, manage data binding, and handle events, laying a solid foundation for Vue.js development.


The training imparts the ability to create modular components and understand the principles of component-based development in Vue.js.


Through practical projects, participants gain valuable experience, applying their learned skills to real-world scenarios in web development.


Upon completion, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of state management using Vuex, ensuring effective handling of application-level data.


The training fosters proficiency in error handling and debugging techniques, enabling participants to identify and resolve issues in Vue.js applications effectively.


Individuals will acquire the knowledge of client-side routing with Vue Router, enhancing their skill set in creating seamless and responsive single-page applications.


Post-training, individuals will have the skills to integrate Vue.js into existing projects, providing them with the capability to enhance and modernize web applications using this progressive JavaScript framework.

Vue Js Training Certifications

vue js training in hyderabad

The Vue certification offered by Lamp Institute holds paramount importance in the rapidly evolving field of web development. As Vue.js continues to gain prominence as a leading JavaScript framework for building dynamic user interfaces, certification becomes a tangible validation of an individual’s expertise in this sought-after technology. Lamp Institute’s certification not only signifies proficiency in Vue.js but also attests to the practical skills acquired through hands-on training and real-world projects. In the competitive job market, having a Vue certification from a reputable institution like Lamp Institute serves as a valuable credential, distinguishing certified individuals as qualified and knowledgeable Vue.js developers.


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I’m happy to join the Vue.js course by lamp institute. Their education delivering quality is top notch. Trainers are highly experienced; they assist in getting placed by various means and by conducting mock interviews as well.
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Study material provided by the lamp institute is very interesting and all the modules are explained in depth making students more confident in the core knowledge. -
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If you are looking for the best IT training institute in Hyderabad then don’t waste your time you are at the right place. I’m an ex-student of lamp institute. I learned Vue.js from them. They are the most liable and trustable institute in Hyderabad
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The best part of the training was the practical session conducted by Rajesh sir trainer for our Vue.js course. He was very friendly and he made difficult modules easier to understand with his intelligence and experience.
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I don’t regret spending money for learning this course. Every penny of my money was very well spent. Trainers are professional and dedicated to training and giving individual attention to each and every student in the classroom.
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I learned Vue.js from the video course created by lamp institute. It was in detail and the easy accessibility to download it on any device has helped me learn a new skill without too much effort.


In-Demand Skill Set

Vue training equips individuals with a skillset in demand, enhancing their employability in the competitive field of web development.

Career Advancement

 Completing Vue training opens doors to new career opportunities, allowing individuals to advance in roles focused on building modern and interactive user interfaces.

Hands-On Experience

The training provides hands-on experience through real-world projects, translating theoretical knowledge into practical skills applicable in professional settings.

Industry Recognition

Vue certification from a reputable institution like Lamp Institute adds credibility and industry recognition, validating an individual’s proficiency in Vue.js development.

Versatility in Development

With Vue.js being incrementally adoptable, training in Vue enables developers to integrate this framework into a variety of projects, enhancing their versatility in web development.

Effective Problem Solving

Vue training imparts skills in error handling and debugging, empowering individuals to identify and resolve issues efficiently during the development process, contributing to more robust applications.

Market Trend inVue Js Training


Vue.js is experiencing a growing market trend, gaining popularity for its simplicity and flexibility in building modern, responsive user interfaces.


Many companies are incorporating Vue.js into their tech stacks, contributing to an increasing demand for developers with Vue.js expertise.


The Vue.js community is expanding, fostering collaboration, and providing a supportive environment for developers, contributing to the framework's widespread adoption.


Vue's incremental adoptability makes it a preferred choice for both small-scale projects and large, complex applications, reflecting a versatile market trend.


Job postings and requirements for Vue.js skills are on the rise, indicating a strong market trend and the recognition of Vue.js as a valuable technology in the web development landscape.


Vue's focus on developer-friendly practices and a gentle learning curve is contributing to its attractiveness, aligning with the market's preference for accessible technologies.


The trend of integrating Vue.js with other technologies and frameworks, such as Nuxt.js for server-side rendering, showcases Vue's adaptability and relevance in various development scenarios.


As businesses seek to enhance user experiences, Vue.js is becoming a go-to choice for front-end development, reflecting a market trend that emphasizes creating engaging and interactive web applications.

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Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Learning it at Lamp Institute ensures hands-on experience and expert guidance to master this popular framework. For more details call us +91 95050 07755

Lamp Institute’s Vue Js Training In Hyderabad lasts roughly 2 Months, depending on the course.

You’ll work on real-world projects that simulate industry scenarios, giving you practical experience and preparing you for web development challenges.

Absolutely! Our course is designed for beginners. You’ll start with the basics and progress to advanced topics with our easy-to-follow lessons.

The time it takes to learn Vue.js depends on your prior experience and the effort you put in. Beginners may take 2-3 weeks to grasp the basics, while more experienced developers might become proficient in Vue.js in a week or two. Consistent practice and project work contribute significantly to the learning speed.

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended but not mandatory. Our course covers the fundamentals before diving into Vue.js.

Yes, our instructors provide dedicated support through forums and live sessions. You can also connect with fellow students to enhance your learning experience.

Lamp Institute provides job placement assistance, including resume reviews and interview preparation. However, securing a job depends on individual efforts and skills.

Yes, you’ll have lifetime access to the course material and updates, allowing you to revisit lessons and stay updated with the latest Vue.js advancements.

Visit our website for the most up-to-date pricing information. Lamp Institute offers flexible payment plans and occasional discounts, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.

Yes, Vue.js developers are in high demand. Many companies use Vue.js for building modern and responsive web applications, leading to a growing demand for developers with Vue.js skills.

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