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Node.js Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Vijay
Trainer Experience7 Years
Course Duration2 Months
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Date19th SEP 2022 AT 11:00AM
Training ModesClassroom [HYDERABAD] / Online

Key Points Of Node.js Training in Hyderabad

Node.js Course Curriculum

  • Basics of Node.js
  • What are the Features of Node.js
  • Concept
  • Where to fit and not fit
  • Event-Driven programming style
  • What is Asynchronous
  • Local environment setup
  • Node.js runtime
  • Download source code
  • Installation on OS
  • Verify
  • Installing the module by NPM
  • Global vs Local setup
  • Update Module
  • CRUD Module
  • Understanding Express
  • Setup Express
  • Request And Response
  • Handling Routes
  • Route Middleware
  • Objects
  • Cookies Management
  • File upload
  • HTTP methods
  • What are buffers and Streams
  • Advantages of Streams over buffers
  • Create / Write / Read operation on Buffers
  • Process on Buffers
  • Read / Write data by Streams
  • Pipeline
  • Chaining Stream
  • RESTful Architecture
  • HTTP URI and Methods
  • RESTful web services
  • Expose solution as API
  • Best practice for a REST API solution
  • What is Callback
  • Benefit of Callback
  • Asynchronous communications
  • Block and Non-Blocking
  • Standard Callback pattern
  • Async Flow control Library
  • Executing in parallel
  • Learning what are Events
  • Events types
  • Event Emitter API
  • Multiple event listeners
  • Event emitter pattern
  • Class methods
  • Event Loop
  • Blocking Event Loop
  • Escaping Event Loop
  • Basic  of MySQL
  • Connect with MySQL
  • Introduction of MongoDB
  • Features of MongoDB
  • Connect with MongoDB
  • Defining a schema
  • Defining a Model
  • What are processes
  • Spawning Child process
  • Create and kill processes
  • Building with HTTP Severs
  • HTTP requests
  • Secure HTTP Server
  • Using Test Runner
  • Using Assertion Testing Module
  • Built-in Debugger
  • Console log
  • Node Inspector

About Node.js Training in Hyderabad

We are one of the Best Training institutes in Hyderabad, which has trained more than 50+ students and placed them across industries. We are providing real-time job opportunities to our students. We provide all the details of placements and provide you with all the information about job requirements so that you can apply accordingly. 


Node.js is a lightweight server-side platform built on Google’s V 8 JavaScript runtime. It has a modular architecture that encourages creating small, reusable modules that can be easily distributed and updated.


 Its high-performance, non-blocking I/O model makes it suitable for real-time applications that run on low-latency, Internet connections, such as WebRTC. With Node.js, you can build real-time web, mobile, desktop, and server-side applications. 


Node.js is built around an event loop that is similar to browsers’ event loop. In a typical application, events are triggered by users’ actions. With node.js, developers can easily run server-side scripts in a lightweight manner. There are many websites that use Node.js to build their applications.


To start with, Node.js is a server-side technology that allows developers to develop web applications that run inside of the server. It is different from other languages because it enables developers to write both frontend and backend code. 


Developers are also given the freedom to design APIs (application programming interfaces) with Node.js. It has been proved to be faster than the typical web frameworks.


If you are looking to learn the latest technologies and to gain knowledge then you should join our Node.js Training in Hyderabad.

Enroll with Lamp Institute for the best Node.js Training in Hyderabad with 100% placement assistance and be ready with confidence to face new challenges in the IT sector.

Modes of Training For Node.js Training in Hyderabad

Online training

Our Node.js online training program is conducted using e-learning platforms, Making it easier for students to learn at their own pace and on the go. Our online courses are comprehensive, providing in-depth coverage of core concepts as well as advanced features. Students will be provided with a course guide and study material, as well as access to our online exclusive classes, where they can interact with other students. Online training is best for those who cannot make regular classroom training or prefer not to travel to a location to attend regular classroom training.

Classroom training

Our Node.js course is taught by Node.js professionals. All Node.js professionals that are teaching our course are industry experts, who have spent years working in the industry. They have a passion for Node.js and know the ins and outs of all of the popular frameworks. They teach you how to code efficiently, and give you a thorough grounding in the foundations of Node.js. Our experts can answer any Node.js questions you might have, and provide you with all the information you need to succeed. We have designed these course classes as per global standards.

Video course

Node.js video course provides easy access to learn a new programming language under experts' guidance with practical knowledge of the language making you more confident. Students can download each module of this course for quicker access whenever they need it.

Why choose us for Node.js Training?

Expert Guidance

Our courses have been designed by our experts who have helped thousands of students to become successful professionals. The best way to learn is to learn from an expert. Our trainers are expert Node.js developers. They are certified professionals in the field of software development and will teach you everything that you need to know to be successful in the field of Node.js.

Post Training Support

We conduct a series of classes where you will be taught by our expert instructors. You will be assigned a trainer who will help you with the basics of the course and answer any questions you have about the subject.

Limited batches

You will not have to face any problems on the way because our trainers will make sure that you will understand the lessons. We undertake a limited number of students each batch for better individual training. Each batch consists of only 20 students.

Lifetime access

Our courses come with lifetime access and unlimited availability. You will be able to access the content anytime, anywhere. You will be able to access our course materials on all your devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our course materials have been designed to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your career. 

Node.js Certification

If you’re looking for a course that is very well structured and can guide you with a thorough understanding of Node.js, then you must take Node.js Certification Training from us. This training covers the basic to advanced features of Node.js. The trainers will help you understand the concepts through live projects and hands-on exercises. If you are looking for a career in the IT industry then Node.js Certification is a perfect choice.

Placement Assistance

We have a dedicated placement assistance team, which works with students and provides them guidance and support throughout their journey with us. Our Placement Assistance Team comprises certified professionals, who are experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable enough to help students build a career path. They are there to assist you at every step of your Node.js training and help you in getting placed in the right organization.

Student Diaries

Through these training years, we have trained 50+ Students with 25+ Placements in reputed MNCs located in Hyderabad at high salary packages.

Virtual Lessons

This video course is for anyone who wants to learn to program using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.We offer Online training and Recorded video course at an economical price.

Testimonials of Node.js Training in Hyderabad

Thank you lamp institute for teaching Node.js and guiding me through the interview process. I’m really confident in recommending this institute for learning courses. They offer courses at an affordable price.
I have learned many skills and gained knowledge in HTML, CSS & JavaScript.It was a great experience. The training methodology and curriculum were up to date and this is the best video course you can find online.
Training for Node.js was very much practical and the theory part was taught in an interactive way. Trainers allow students to clear doubts and individual attention is given to each student in classroom training.
My overall experience at Lamp institute was satisfactory and worth of money spent on every module of was taught in depth. They helped me in creating a resume and this place is very good for beginners.
I have attended the online course for Node.js and it was quite good experience trainers are very attentive and clear all doubts during the course their management and trainers are delivering high-quality service.
Lamp institute is the best place for learning courses and notes are also provided by the trainers. Notes are explanations of the modules taught in this course. It has helped me gain a job in a reputed company.

Node.js Certification

  • Node.js course completion certificate
Node Js Training in Hyderabad


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Which is the best Node.js training institute in Hyderabad?

Lamp Institute is one of the well-known institutes in Hyderabad known for delivering practical knowledge with advanced teaching techniques to meet the current and future needs of industries.

What is the Node.js training fee in Hyderabad?

The cost of Node.js courses in Hyderabad varies as per the training different institutes offer. Our institute, Lamp Institute, provides a Node.js course at an affordable price.

What is the average salary of a Node.js developer in Hyderabad?

The average salary of a Node.js developer starts from 2.1 Lakhs - 10.7 Lakhs annually.

Where can I find Node.js training near me?

We offer Node.js training in Kphb and Node.js training in Ameerpet, you can visit us or get in touch with us for further queries.

What if I miss a class?

Students can make up for the missed classes by attending our next live Class/ Batch or we can also arrange backup classes for you.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes. To assist our students land jobs after the completion of their training program, we assist them by preparing them for mock interviews and resume preparation by guiding them through personal guidance from industry experts as a part of our Node.js placement assistance.

Who are the trainers at Node.js training in Hyderabad?

The trainers at Lamp Institute are trainers specialized in the field and have many years of working experience.