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The first thing, when it comes to the field of Data structures and algorithms is to understand what it means, what are its uses and what are the various careers that you can opt for, with a Knowledge of Data structures and algorithms.

Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms.

Knowledge of data structures and algorithms is required of people who design and develop computer programs of any kind of systems software or applications software. Before learning about Data structures and algorithms lets us understand what is data.

What is Data??

Data are simply values or set of values. A data item refers to a single unit of values.

What are Data Structures??

Data structure is an arrangement of data in a computer’s memory or disk. Data structures include Arrays, StacksQueues, linked lists, binary trees, and hash tables, and etc.

Data Structure = Organized Data + Allowed Operations.

Characteristics Of Data Structures

Data StructuresAdvantagesDisadvantages
ArrayQuick insertion, very fast access if index known.Slow search, slow deletion, fixed size.
Ordered ArrayQuicker Search than unsorted ArraySlow insertion and deletion, fixed size.
StacksProvides last-in, first-out access.Slow access to other items.
QueueProvides first-in, first-out access.Slow access to other items.
Linked ListQuick insertion, quick deletion.Slow search.
Binary TreeQuick search, insertion,
Deletion algorithm is Complex.
Red Black TreeQuick search, insertion, deletion. Tree always balanced.Complex
2-3-4 TreeQuick search, insertion, deletion. Tree always balanced. Similar trees good for disk storage.Complex
Hash TableVery fast access if key known. Fast insertion.Slow deletion, access slow if key not known, inefficient memory usage
HeapFast insertion, deletion,access to largest item.Slow access to other items.

Data structures Operations

  • Traversing: Accessing each record exactly once so that certain items in the record may be processed.
  • Searching: Finding the location of the record with a given key value, or finding the locations of all records that satisfy one or more conditions.
  • Inserting: Adding a new record to the structure.
  • Deleting: Removing a record from the structure
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